Drive a cart in ragged clothes to blaze a new trail-endure great hardships in pioneer work start (1949 ~ 1977)

Before manacling, consumption of our country constrictive machine is belonged to at all be modelled on complexly and reparative, plant equipment is clumsy, line of the products is little, build a plant without a professional constrictive mechanism

In November 1949, the Shenyang car total plant that ministry of war industry of southwest military region delivers becomes constrictive machine major to consume a factory

1953, major of forge of port of mussel of directive of government of people of the Anhui province consumes motivation to use air constrictive machine, show an air of port of mussel of the division that bring luck constrictive engine plant, it is manufacturing industry of our country constrictive machine the first public-operated central enterprise

Second half of the year rose 1954, country is germinant stop large-scale annex to reorganization to the private enterprise, public-operated constrictive engine plant, Yuan Dachang mixes air of the first machinery plant of Shenyang city, the Changchun City plant of fine China machine, from tribute air constrictive engine plant and Zhejiang thoroughfare city colliery machinery plant is engaged in constrictive machine major consuming

1955, our country consults the managerial experience of Russia, in traffic university (Shanghai) prepared to construct to establish constrictive machine major, reach Xi'an city at following school move 1956. From now on, the constrictive plane that our country flies regular course ground to breed his is special talent, become our country to recommend to constrictive machine manufacturing industry, groom talent, stop to have blind faith in a of delibrate main base

1956, place of delibrate of —— current mechanism establishs institute of the first our country delibrate of affiliated to a ministry of petro-chemical general and mechanical industry

In June 1963, conference of task of information of technology of first time of industry of countrywide constrictive machine is held in Beijing, network of information of technology of countrywide constrictive machine holds water formally

1965, shenyang gas is constrictive machine delibrate place compiles and print " constrictive machine technology " the magazine is decided to be journal of ministry class science and technology

1966, in bureau of general and mechanical industry give directions below, by gas of place of general and mechanical delibrate, Shenyang the 31 people of 23 units such as place of constrictive machine delibrate comprise constrictive machine “ 3 turn ” normative set, in Shanghai constrictive engine plant stops a standard to draft authorized task

The “ culture 1966 is old reactionary ” motion makes of countrywide all trades and professions begin suffer very big impact, constrictive machine manufacturing industry is not exceptional also

1969 one bureau of “ ” revoke, general place removes Hefei, a lot of main scientific research tasks, technology tackles key problem and task of new product trial-produce simply stop halfway, make scientific research task sufferred huge is affected; Shenyang gas is constrictive the scientific research task of machine delibrate place is basic break down, resume publication of journal of professional science and technology

Enter 60 age current, international is certain the enterprise is germinant dug, but till seventies early days, our country screw is constrictive machine secondary is given priority to with be modelled on

Difficult and virgin new front (1978 ~ 1984)

11 in the party 3 in plenary session is current, manufacturing industry of our country constrictive machine and other industry are same, unplug random anyway, virgin new front

The end of the year is germinant 1978 prepare to construct general and mechanical technology designs machinist trade department whole set company (1985, incognito for China general and mechanical technology designs whole set company)

Rose 1980, without stannum the unit such as plant of engine of the 2nd pneumatics develops plant of constrictive engine plant, Shanghai constrictive engine, Liuzhou successful large quantities of one products, make screw constrictive the lose of use category year after year of machine is patulous.

In Feburary 1982, in bureau of general and mechanical industry give directions in detail below, by Shenyang gas the first general machinery plant of plant of constrictive engine plant, Shanghai constrictive engine, Beijing, Sichuan is constrictive engine plant, without stannum constrictive engine plant forms preparative group, invite is constrictive factory of machine industry stress, announce to establish “ China constrictive machine to combine distribute ministry ”

May 1982, engineering of fluid of society of Chinese machinist Cheng can establish congress to fall annual meeting of first time learning is held in Nanjing city. Fluid engineering can set constrictive machine, fan, valve and conduit, pump sealed wait for a few professional committee with machinery of take leave of

Go up century at the beginning of 80 time, place of general and mechanical delibrate and China in air of engineering college, Changchun is constrictive the enterprise such as constrictive engine plant comprises air of engine plant, Yantai series of machine of “ miniature pneumatics replaces ” design team, use new technology of reed a powerful person

Xi'an traffic university, China in the effort of the elementary school such as the engineering college increases continuously, not only have stronger scientific research ability, and own the experimental equipment that comparative, scientific research task is very lively, become the forerunner that constrictive machine technology develops, in the meantime, those who finished a batch of professional teaching material write the task

State-owend enterprise, civilian look forward to, foreign enterprise coexists (1985 ~ 2004)

To the end of 1987, former Shenyang gas is constrictive plant of engine plant, Shanghai constrictive engine, without stannum large quantities of one state-owned companies such as constrictive engine plant executed port of constrictive engine plant, mussel to contract make

Since 1993, state-owned company enters constrictive machine to change one-sidedly level. According to not complete count, the state-owned company of profit of manufacturing industry of constrictive 1996 machine arrives at 40% above, presented the profit of one-sided sex 1998

1997, the Communist Party of China 15 one in the purpose that plenary meeting changes the state-owend enterprise is certainly preliminary establish an archaic company system, jiangxi is constrictive engine plant, without stannum constrictive engine plant, Huaxitong uses constrictive engine plant, Chongqing large quantities of one state-owned companies such as machine plant stopped a company to make early or late change

End 2000, the amount of civilian battalion enterprise in constrictive machine manufacturing industry already occupied the 75% above of entire industry, sale defray occupies the 50% above of entire industry, 50% what profit takes entire industry

1986-2000 year numerous and complicated of company of famous and constrictive aircraft enters international our country. Foreign capital enterprise relies on the financial resources with its puny oneself and product technology, and the special and favourable policy that government of China of have the aid of offers, begin quickly in our country expand

Current 2000, the state-owend enterprise changes make recombine, the enterprise retreats city to enter garden, increase ability to change investment, the own innovation ability of the enterprise often progresses, lose of constrictive machine manufacturing industry is begun tantivy

Dress to the world (2005 ~ 2019)

Since 2005, lose of degree of technology of center of lead plane of our country screw progresses clearly, in molded lines of rotor of screw lead plane, tectonic design the respect had great rise, lead plane design, make already finished homebred change.

Current, production industry of Chinese constrictive machine already made miniature constrictive machine, motivation uses constrictive machine with constrictive machine and craft range of products, make an appointment with a variety of 500 different specifications, nearly 20 kinds of tectonic type, but constrictive gas medium 30 a variety of

End 2019, constrictive machine consumes above of countrywide mutual dimensions enterprise many 480, 20 million (RMB) production value enterprise many 120. Constrictive aircraft main engine surmounts homebred screw every year 350 thousand, air is constrictive production value of aircraft spare parts many yuan 500, integrated and of all kinds constrictive machine production value is as high as 70 billion above

Begin through 70 years, manufacturing industry of our country constrictive machine once made kind complete, dimensions giant, technology own, public praise is good, produce can transcend all foreign markets the puny industry system of one times. Quality and technology are in international the first of all, make the important pillar property that national economy develops