Well-known, any mechanical equipment have its professional maintenance technician, so, about equipment of pneumatics machine industry for, want to become a professional maintenance technician to want what to kind of requirement have? Is at present maintenance technician of our country empty press existing what kind of blemish? Face these limitation how we should promote our the technology again?

Person selected of appropriate personnel of empty press maintenance is searched hard, experience what already became increasing company jointly. Go down to look from narrow sense actually, maintenance technician of our country empty press does not short, annual the empty press of professional ability school and division courtyard maintains professional graduate and many, but the choose and employ persons that they do not agree with an enterprise is normative, of business demand is the main force of pneumatics plane maintenance that speaks to be able to be used namely. This just is later place of maintenance technician of most empty press lacks, it is the graduate of professional school not merely, the maintenance technician of very much empty press of enterprise on guard is peculiar the quality that also does not have pneumatics machine to maintain main force, as a result does not have a general in “ Sichuan, liao Hua makes the picture can be counted on one's fingers of vanward ” . The station is in light of objective angle, pay of maintenance technician of business empty press is low, do not have the position, do not suffer pay attention to, this also is —— of a among them objective cause to dispensable personnel, any company guidance won't value, as a result of the reason that did not pay attention to. To this group of people character, task on the verge of death or destruction worries about come off sentry duty constantly also is sure. We hear which pneumatics machine to maintain ace to be hired by demit rarely, instead is ace of pneumatics plane maintenance of not gratified to task current situation and automatic leave one's post, arriving is to hear pass and had seen a few. Consequently, solve in hair complaint Shu rough, our pneumatics machine maintains person or the achievement that should face up to him oneself more, make oneself puny above all rise, have a suit company the skill of real demand, the life that this ability is person of maintenance of our pneumatics plane with what begin.

I manage to prevent post quality drops, insist to continue to breed quit working personnel, it is maintenance craft only not merely, still touch organization acknowledge, duty arbitrary knowledge groom content. Compare with photograph of personnel of technology of ingoing high end, the old able person of skill comes from practice appears apparently all the more is spell able; All the more agrees with client demand; Duty arbitrary knowledge also all the more is intense.