Congratulations: The compressor won the title of “Advanced Unit of “100 Enterprises and 100 Villages”). In response to the call of “Hundred Enterprises to Help 100 Villages” and give full play to the unique advantages of enterprises in tackling poverty, the chairman of the air compressor, Bu Qingtuan, organized various forms of assistance activities with the aim of “helping others and be happy”. Praise from all walks of life.

        Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the air compressor company visited during the weekend: the village enterprises linked to help the village - Shizhai Town Xiaochenzhuang Village investigation, and brought the flour to the poor households Oil, rice and other items. People will do their utmost to implement the “Hundred Enterprises to Help 100 Villages Activity”. The next step will be to provide financial support and support from the children of poor families to school, employment and the willingness of poor households to start businesses, and help poor families to get rid of poverty as soon as possible.

It is reported that in order to further implement the spirit of the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Poverty Alleviation and Development Work Conference, in accordance with the National and Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Poverty Alleviation Office, and the Guangcai Conference, the county’s private enterprises’ “100 Enterprises Help 100 Villages” will be pushed forward in depth. Mobilize and organize the majority of non-public economic people to actively participate in poverty alleviation and action, encourage, support and guide private enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities while developing good enterprises. In order to win the battle against precision poverty alleviation, 43 enterprises and chambers of commerce in our county actively participated in the campaign. In the poverty alleviation activities of the 100 enterprises, 100 villages signed a helping agreement with 41 provincially weak economic villages to sign the contract and build the village enterprises as the main form to help the weak villages and villages.

According to the objective conditions and potentials of human resources, natural resources and industrial resources, and the advantages of the enterprises themselves, we will choose one or more ways to help the development of the weak villages and give full play to the strengths of the enterprises: Industry assistance - investing in enterprises, developing and utilizing the resources of economically weak villages; commerce and trade assistance - leveraging the advantages of market development, supply and marketing procurement, and information flow, helping weak villages through procurement, consignment, commissioning, and direct access to agriculture and enterprises Accelerate development; employment assistance - create jobs, strengthen training to increase employment and income-increasing capacity; donate help - donate money, carry out education, help the elderly, help the disabled, help doctors and other intellectual assistance - teach practical technology, update production and life Concepts to help low-income people improve production skills and quality of life; other help - actively innovate help models and ways, activate endogenous motivation, and enhance the self-development ability of weak villages.