1, screw air compressor fixed welding joints should be away from the equipment flange. The selected fixed welding joint should be beneficial to the adjustment of the space distance, which is convenient for cutting, easy to measure and convenient for lifting. It is best to choose two or three fixed welded joints and set them at the same time, so that the blanking size of the pipe section under the spatial solid coordinate can be adjusted at the same time, thereby reducing the deviation and reducing the probability of occurrence of piping stress;
2, fixed welding The installation of the mouth pipe section shall be based on the measured dimensions. It is not possible to force the pair of welds to avoid causing stress on the weld group;
3. Select the correct test method. Equipment piping should be tested while installed. If the three deviations at the flange of the equipment have reached the standard, the flange bolts can be evenly tightened and monitored by the dial gauge on the coupling of the equipment to ensure the quality of the process;
4. Equipment flange When the formal gasket is placed at the end of the closure or when the gasket is replaced on the pipe system, the reverse chain or jack is used to pull the device outside or against the pipe, and a narrow slit is added to the flexible pipe to replace the gasket. Other tools directly quilt and shimming on the flange to prevent artificial application of external force and external torque;
5, do a reset check. The flange parallel deviation, flange radial displacement, flange spacing and coupling displacement should be checked to meet the specifications of the screw air compressor installation.

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