Follow what believe a technology infatuatedly to begin, the rotor data nowadays of constrictive machine and centrifugal and constrictive machine had screw very big rise and change, the author has done test of a few delibrate to this, this article discusses just a little slightly.

Data of rotor of 1 centrifugal and constrictive machine

Rotor of centrifugal and constrictive machine is multi-purpose stainless steel is made, but the centrifugal empty press on hydrogenous batteries car however somebody uses aluminium alloy to make rotor, and make rotor as generally however as this adjacent car supercharger with stainless steel.

The demand of bulk of centrifugal pneumatics machine that goes up as a result of hydrogenous batteries car is less, rotate speed demand is higher, people feels to apply high strenth aluminium alloy to make rotor more appropriate.

To this kind of centrifugal and constrictive machine, reducing rotor vibration is very important, the biggest rotate speed of this kind of constrictive machine is as high as 144 thousand to turn / minute or 160 thousand turn / minute. With the rotor that aluminium alloy makes, as a result of the centripetal force that disequilibrium quality produces, the centripetal force that creates rotor happening with the stainless steel of contrary dimension is likened to can reduce 2 times, 1/3 what the centripetal force that the rotor that makes with aluminium alloy namely produces as a result of place of contrary disequilibrium quality wants centripetal force of rotor of contrary dimension stainless steel only, the oscillatory meeting that produces from this is greatly aggravating. This is the advantage with god-given rotor of data of other of excel of aluminium alloy rotor.

Press about small-sized and centrifugal sky for machine, rotor of this kind of aluminium alloy has flexibility good, heft is machined gently, easily and the dominant position with small capital.

2 pairs of screw are constrictive machine rotor data

Fuel injection double screw is constrictive machine rotor data

Constrictive machine begins double screw earlier, native person secondary makes fuel injection double screw with easy cutting steel constrictive machine rotor. When the Chinese the screw rotor of a few average England is public after milling machine, feel Chinese nodular cast iron is cutting function without giving thought to, still process a volume rotor of steel of excel easy cutting, and capital is inferior, accordingly rotor of screw of international fuel injection turns and use nodular cast iron much more generally to make. Because our country rare-earth element is rich and generous, rare earth technology of nodular cast iron is mature, the screw that rotor of nodular cast iron becomes Chinese feature is constrictive machine rotor.

Constrictive machine rotor is in fuel injection double screw the task below mixture configuration of content of oil gas two-phase. In the task, because effort and hydraulic combine function, oil gas by radiate on average constrictive machine each base yuan cubage while, also gush scatters rotor and airframe appearance, form safeguard a layer, and the air of high speed activity is mixed smooth oil erodes the tremendous particle of rotor appearance again clean. Although nodular cast iron is outside not as close as steeliness rotor appearance, but still can be competent the function of rotor.

Screw is constrictive the firm sex standard of machine rotor task is assured by the precision of bearing, look nowadays, steeliness rotor and rotor of nodular cast iron do not have very big difference simply.

About large screw the rotor of constrictive machine, people or apt use steeliness rotor, feel the firm sex of steeliness rotor is better still.

Dry screw is constrictive machine rotor data

As a result of people demand more the constrictive gas with cleaner firm, and constrictive machine adds fuel injection screw the practice that constrictive gas filters subtly still cannot replace dry constrictive machine completely. Later, because firm sex is mixed the difference of maintenance period, people never keeps local restore of all kinds dry constrictive machine.

Dry screw is constrictive constrictive machine rotor has the rotor of machine and fuel injection again different, because dry screw is constrictive the price of machine is high, rotate speed is high, constrictive medium is complex, because this makes rotor of dry constrictive machine generally with stainless steel.

To strengthen rotor fight grind and fight corrode, appearance of different rotor of dry constrictive machine has different preservative coating or film. With period add its anti-wear properties and anticorrosive function. As preservative coating technology often rise, the function of preservative coating also is broken drop farther aggrandizement, different constrictive aircraft manufacturer used different coating or film.

Coating has chemical coating and agglomeration coat two kinds, and vacuum plating titanium is more advanced film technology.

Although film is very thin, but still demand polish. Different manufacturer uses different polishing technology, large minority uses polish of machinery of artificial assist a ruler in governing a country, machining center polish, function of chemical physics polish is much better, of useful also and electrostatic polish, the spare parts of large quantities of quantities uses advanced heat to deal with polishing craft.

Water is smooth double screw is constrictive machine rotor data

The water that rolls out at present is smooth the rotor data minority of constrictive machine is double screw stainless steel, smooth without the water that discovers other data double screw is constrictive machine rotor. Of course airframe also is stainless steel material pledges.

3 odd screw are constrictive machine rotor data

Different odd screw is constrictive the rotor data of machine is different.

Fuel injection odd screw is constrictive machine rotor data

Constrictive machine rotor uses odd screw of international fuel injection generally easy cutting steel and nodular cast iron are made, astral annulus piece those who use carbon fiber aggrandizement get together ether aether ketone is made.

Water is smooth odd screw is constrictive machine rotor data

In recent years, water is smooth odd screw is constrictive aircraft is more general use at the industry such as pharmacy, food, beverage, spin. Different manufacturer stems from different thinking, use stainless steel and copper alloy to make rotor, because water is smooth odd screw is constrictive machine price is higher, manufacturer uses the rotor of which kinds of data to be able to obtain good economic benefits. The rotor of different of course data is comfortable the bit that mixes certain recipe round a secondary be aggrandizement get together data of ether aether ketone, water is smooth odd screw is constrictive the star of machine round a data and lever of fuel injection Chan Luo are constrictive aircraft is different.

Water is smooth odd screw is constrictive the airframe of machine and rotor data marry, rotor material hardness is taller, of airframe material cast mobile sex betterer.

Constrictive machine rotor and airframe temperature analyse 4 screw

Analyse screw correctly the temperature of constrictive machine rotor and airframe changes, conduce to more appropriate choice rotor data.

Rotor task temperature and airframe task temperature

Constrictive machine rotor is in screw in regular job loop, rotor appearance nods temperature to often change between temperature of inlet temperature and exhaust each, circular move back and forth, its are even the bicephalous value that temperature agrees with inlet temperature and exhaust temperature at all.

Because different and machine breed is endless,the airframe temperature circumstance of constrictive machine meets screw contrary, but agree with inspiratory end at all temperature is low (be close to inlet temperature) , exhaust carries temperature tall (adjacent at exhaust temperature) the rule.

It is on practice in regular job, the even temperature temperature of rotor is spent under machine temperature.

Although airframe suffers,connect the tie of conduit, flange, but what answer absolutely with this still is rotor the heat that heats up systole to be less than airframe is contractive. Of this rule and people feel to have a difference. This rule with respect to resolution screw is constrictive it is restful that machine rotor and airframe marry.

Constrictive machine rotor and airframe are in screw the temperature of phase of different type of work changes

The rotor temperature of constrictive machine and airframe temperature are in screw start, regular job and germinant stop when machine, meeting show effect is bigger change.

Constrictive machine is in screw the temperature in starting process

When constrictive machine starts screw, the gas of unit cubage or gas fluid are germinant suffer constrictive, temperature rises quickly, gas or gas fluid and constrictive temperature drama rise is change of configuration of a kind of element, temperature instantaneous is reduced or reduce immediately, be without defer. And the rotor that serves as be heated and airframe are solid, have different thermal resistance, temperature has different kind reduce. Rotor be heated is abundant, temperature can be reduced at airframe first. Because airframe is tectonic resolution, thermal resistance is great, temperature rises slow at rotor, but the even temperature of rotor still won't surmount airframe temperature. This kind of configuration continues after zero second or number second, constrictive machine enters regular job configuration.

Constrictive machine holds the post of screw normally Wu temperature agrees with temperature of “ rotor task and rule of ” of airframe task temperature

This is a relatively fluctuant temperature configuration, in this configuration, screw is constrictive plane is not quite light be out of order, the solid grain that unless constrictive machine engulf exceeds,allows or bearing damage suddenly bring about.

Constrictive machine is in screw germinant stop the temperature when machine

Constrictive machine is in screw germinant stop when machine, the air current of high-pressured low temperature that exhaust carries can flow backwards immediately to inspiratory end, the temperature with inspiratory outside end reduces rotor immediately under adjacent at exhaust temperature, airframe temperature changes not quite, hasten is bordering on even temperature, made inspiratory end rotor and airframe in a moment dinky clearance.

The end taking energy of life of rotor of constrictive to odd screw machine does not become reparative word, in stop have when machine can break out hold in the arms machine.

Aluminium alloy of 5 high strenth is appropriate production rotor

Rotor of constrictive to screw machine is analysed with what machine temperature spends, benefit has more one-sided view at data of rotor of constrictive to screw machine. Wait as steel of easy cutting of traditional rotor data, nodular cast iron, stainless steel, copper alloy can replace with local other data.

The data strength of canister of oil gas of high strenth aluminium alloy can be accomplished not under high grade carbon steel. The treatment appearance of the spare parts is shining, whorl aperture brightness is pliable, better than nodular cast iron much.

It is good that above is not analysed the advantage that sees high strenth aluminium alloy has certain side, pardonable and high-grade car initiates machine evolution for complete aluminium machine, understand screw easily also thereby constrictive accident uses aluminium alloy rotor can quality.

Because rotor suffers force and airframe to differ, each bits of temperature is different, accordingly constrictive machine makes the aluminium alloy data of rotor answer to marry correctly with the aluminium alloy data of production airframe, the brand of aluminium alloy (composition) deal with to also differ with heat; The aluminium alloy hardness of rotor should taller, integrated intensity is higher also.

6 authors make the test that pass and development

The author is in double screw air is constrictive on machine, had developed tube of aluminium alloy oil gas. Before 2002, the railroad traffic apply the brake that Germany has a company to consume 2m3/min uses screw pneumatics machine, canister of its oil gas is aluminium alloy material pledges. And a company consumes international the railroad traffic apply the brake of 2.4 ~ 3m3/min uses screw pneumatics machine to lack data of canister of aluminium alloy oil gas and technology, and oil gas canister is steel weldment. Weight of canister of steel weldment oil gas is great, yi Sheng becomes rusty, form a complete set of traffic of not quite appropriate railroad, falling without commutable state, be applied constrainedly.

The author discovers this picture hind in this company, suggest guidance agrees to develop so as to of canister of aluminium alloy oil gas to replace tube of steeliness oil gas. After agreeing via directive delibrate, the author chooses aluminium alloy of a kind of special high strength to regard oil gas as the data of the canister. From the design, for the advantage of canister of oil gas of abundant expression aluminium alloy, author and other engineer are used together infinite exterior to oil gas canister construction suspends yuan of way finish compose is optimized, reduce stress concentration, after many repeat, after the blueprint that finish is designed, throw sample trial-produce via agreeing.

On the bedrock of sample trial-produce, sample of oily to aluminium alloy inflator stops compression test, the author is accomplished in pressure of 4 times task hydraulic experiment falls, oil gas canister is misshapen nondestructive, without divulge picture (average demand stops pressure vessel check of squeezing ramming of water of pressure of 2 times task) .

Beforehand, railway ministry electronic motor car introduces expert group group leader to bark Zhang Laoxian gives birth to be an official (old gentleman has participated in our country to introduce 4 A Ersi the earliest to connect electronic motor car, come into railroad treasure chicken in treasure wind city paragraph move back and forth, replace stage or 3 two steam locomotive in order to run) see try after controlling a state, relatively feeling is glad, via their delibrate, feel OK unload experiment. After unload experiment comes to an end, via affirming, in agreeing to stop again, try. In in try bedrock to go up, turn into formal form a complete set.

On this bedrock, the author developed the tube of aluminium alloy oil gas with motor-car, light course, public subway for this company screw pneumatics machine, this company uses the product of author research and development in carry ceaselessly up to now.

Constrictive machine rotor adjusts 7 screw agent

Should make screw constrictive machine rotor more firm, new machine succeeds, the machinery of company of Kang Ning of author recommend corridor adjusts an agent tantivy. When constrictive aircrew installs screw, the Fu of besmear of easy attrition place in rotor and airframe large quantities of adjust an agent this kind, can be in leave factory when starting at the beginning of the experiment, avoid accident to be pulled, very reasonable be to one's profit. Of author research and development fight grind repair agent to have more in this respect have collective effect.