With the development level, design level, manufacturing level, inspection, test level, operation level and service level of the air compressor industry, China's compressors are gradually reducing their dependence on foreign products, and the localization process is further enhanced. According to the "2014-1818 China Air Compressor Industry Development Trend and Investment Risk Analysis Report" issued by a third-party organization, Air compressor is important in economic development. The role will drive the progress of important industries such as steel and chemical industry, mining and metallurgy, electronic power, military and aerospace. For a long time, the core competitiveness of China's air compressor sector is not strong and depends on foreign countries. In the past two years, in the localization of major equipment, relying on medium and large-scale projects, breakthrough progress has been made. Relying on new coal chemical, coal-to-liquid, coal-to-natural gas, coal-to-olefin, LNG construction and expansion and expansion projects, large-scale reciprocating air compressors have been promoted and applied. Coupled with the development of the energy industry, the production technology of compressors has been continuously developed to the front, and has now entered a stage of stable development. With the rapid development of the air compressor industry, the concentration of the air compressor market has gradually increased, and a number of leading enterprises have gradually formed. In the future, leading enterprises with technological advantages and energy-saving advantages will continue to increase. These enterprises continue to improve competition through industry integration. force. However, although China's air compressor industry has made breakthrough progress, key components still need to be imported, which has become a stumbling block to localization. The scale of the enterprise is small, the distribution is scattered, the industrial concentration is low; the lack of high-end technology, the proportion of low-level production capacity is too large; the homogenization of products is serious. Faced with these problems and fierce market competition, air compressor enterprises should urgently need to increase their efforts, implement structural adjustments, and promote industrial upgrading. At the same time, enterprises must vigorously accelerate technology research and development, continuously carry out product innovation, and improve their own market competitiveness. Relevant enterprises should speed up the elimination of outdated processes and high energy-consuming equipment, and promote the upgrading of compressor equipment from low added value to high added value, thus bringing further development opportunities for the compressor industry. Analysts pointed out that in recent years, China Compressor companies have intensified their innovations in technology, equipment, and talents, further narrowing the gap with foreign countries. At the same time, relevant enterprises should continue to attach importance to innovation and research and development, improve product lines, and lay the foundation for further localization of Chinese compressors.
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