No matter what mechanical equipment is required to operate and daily maintenance, to reduce equipment failure, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure the required pressure to supply the production line. Of course, gas tank is also one of the indispensable equipment in our industry. How to understand the daily maintenance of gas tank Please see below. . .

1, Preparation before operation:

1. Check the quality and position of the pressure gauge. When there is no pressure, the pressure gauge position is “ 0” state, that is, the limit nail;

2. Check if the safety valve is normal;

3. First check the tightness of the pipeline to ensure that there is no abnormality before the intake valve Open;

4. Slowly open the exhaust valve to the proper opening to remove moisture from the tank;

5. Open the air compressor and observe the intake process, piping and Whether the tank has leaked until the pressure is reached;

6. Check the pressure gauge indication value, when the pressure is found to be abnormal (ie, malfunction), if the malfunction is replaced, the maximum working pressure should be < ; 0.8Mpa, if it is higher than 0.8Mpa, the safety valve should be opened automatically, otherwise the intake should be stopped immediately and repaired;

7. Check the corrosive gas and fluid around the gas tank;

8. Check the tightness of the air line. If there is any air leakage, repair it in time.

2, Note:

1. Check if the air pressure exceeds its setting range (maximum working pressure is 0.8Mpa);

2. The gas storage tank should be kept ventilated and dry, and it is forbidden to pile up debris around it;

3. Check the valves and other places of the gas storage tank for leaks at any time. Measures should be taken in time to ensure that the gas storage tank meets the production requirements;

4. During the operation of the gas storage tank, it is strictly forbidden to collide with metal equipment and knock the tank;

5. It is necessary to test the safety valve once with a high-pressure tester, that is, close the output valve, and then open the intake valve to adjust the air compressor pressure to 0.85Kg. When the pressure of the gas tank exceeds 0.80Kg, the safety valve should be opened automatically, otherwise it should be adjusted;

6. Check whether the weld is firm and the seal is aging every year;

7. Check the tank body for rust, damage and repair in time;

8. The gas storage tank is a container with high temperature and high pressure, and there must be no flammable or explosive body nearby;

9. Anti-rust treatment of the tank paint once a year;

10. Every year, the tank paint is rust-proofed once, and the body is kept clean and free of debris. .