Proper use of the Freeze Dryer is an important prerequisite for obtaining the required dew point compressed air, saving regenerative energy and extending the life of the equipment. The cold dryer is rarely used alone. In almost all qigong pipe networks, the dryer is used with the filter. This is not only the need to meet the quality of the gas, but also the normal operation of the dryer itself.

Dry-drying machine routine maintenance:

1. Always observe the drainage and sewerage system.

2. Always observe the refrigeration system.

3. Always observe the inlet temperature of the cooling water system and compressed air system.

4. Check the electrical control system, purge the dust and tighten the terminals (must be done without electricity)

The dryer is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidification, using fully enclosed compression The refrigeration system cools and cools the compressed gas discharged by the air compressor, so that a large amount of saturated water vapor and oil mist contained therein are condensed and droplets are separated by steam and water. The automatic drain is discharged.