The diagnostic technology of the so-called screw air compressor is to grasp the relationship between the current state of the air compressor equipment and the abnormality or fault, as well as the technology for predicting and predicting the future. It includes three aspects; to understand the current status of the equipment; to understand the causes of abnormalities and failures, and to predict the future work status. It is actually a judgment of the technical state of the device. The technical state of the device refers to: the force to which the device is subjected; fault and deterioration; strength and performance. And through the quantification of the above performance items, to diagnose and predict the performance and safety of the equipment. If there is an abnormality, identify and evaluate the cause, the degree of danger of the part, etc., and use this to determine the method of fault repair and improve the management level. The screw air compressor diagnosis technology is divided into simple diagnosis method and precision diagnosis method. 1. The simple diagnosis method is based on the five senses of the person, and the initial diagnosis of the air compressor equipment failure through listening, sighting, smelling and tactile. The human brain acts like a sophisticated instrument that compares the input information with the knowledge and experience stored in the brain, screens it, makes judgments directly, and completes the output of the information. This method is applied in the field. It is very convenient. Simple diagnosis is subjective detection method. Due to different personal technical experience, the diagnosis results are sometimes different. In order to reduce the deviation, the following methods can be used for analysis:
(1) Multi-person consultation discussion method brings different feelings of individuals, different Judgment is proposed to discuss together and seek correct conclusions. (2) When multiple air compressors are running, they can be used for comparative diagnosis, driving and parking diagnosis; when there are other equipment interference, the diagnosis can be started one by one; different in one device Speed, diagnosis of different parts, etc. (3) Using the original data to make a reflection in the diagnosis and listening operation, analyze the daily operation records of the air compressor, accident analysis and air compressor record history, repair records and other technical data for diagnosis.
Second, the application of precision instrument diagnostic technology room equipment maintenance development direction. This method is more complicated and has a large investment and must be compatible with the air compressor management level. The working process is as follows: the diagnostic instrument and the diagnostic sensor are used to collect the information of the air compressor under test, input to various measurement, signal devices, automatic devices, after screening and amplification, and then display them in different ways (scale, pointer, Electronic, digital display), indicating the amount of change in the state of the air compressor being tested. Diagnostic technology and condition monitoring, with different parameters and operating conditions of the air compressor, the requirements are different; but the more relatively sophisticated and expensive equipment, the more complete the condition monitoring; the more advanced the monitoring equipment, the reliable The higher the sex. Do a good job in equipment diagnosis, use information data to reduce the probability of misdiagnosis, can improve the level of equipment failure maintenance, and also improve the reliability of equipment maintenance quality. Label [screw air compressor diagnostic technology] [screw air compressor inspection process]Recommended[3 cubic air compressor] [ 6 cubic air compressor】 【10 cubic air compressor