Screw air compressor There is no small energy saving potential, but people's thinking is influenced by traditional technology and pseudoscience. In a small technical circle, there is no other industry. The advancement of technology to the promotion of the industry, and the similar "to improve the screw air compressor motor service factor", this technical method used in low operating rate equipment, applied to the continuous screw air compressor, and mistakenly New technology boast. Now, the screw air compressor with a slightly higher level reaches the second-class or even the first-class energy efficiency. It is not a very difficult technology, but people are still stuck in their own technical circle, and they can't solve it. Our technicians have gone out of the mistakes and upgraded the original belt screw air compressor to the direct-coupled transmission. Even the small-type air compressor uses the outer-rotor centrifugal fan to make the noise lower. The air compressor has better stability, longer service life and more convenient maintenance.

The exhaust temperature of most screw air compressors in China is only suitable for the hottest month in the south. That is, it is suitable for 1/3 of the year in the South, 1/4 of the central atmosphere, and 1/6 of the Northeast, which is not suitable for the western region. The average suitable time for the southern, central, and northeastern regions is only 25%, and 75% of the time is wasted energy at different levels. In fact, at the highest temperature, the cooling fan of the screw air compressor rarely stops. Due to environmental and maintenance reasons, the actual exhaust temperature of the screw air compressor is much higher than the value of Table 5, mostly at 90~. 100 ° C range, even higher. At this time, the continuous operation of the air compressor does not cause compressor oil emulsification. Of course, there are special circumstances. The air compressors with low operating rates (such as air compressors for rail vehicles) do not have high exhaust temperatures, resulting in exhaust temperatures below the pressure dew point and severe emulsification of the compressor oil. Some locomotive brake air compressors running on Hubei and Anhui railways have a start-up time of about 15 seconds, a downtime of 52 seconds, and an air compressor exhaust temperature below the dew point. This problem is a domestic and foreign problem, forcing some foreign brake system companies to use a completely oil-free air compressor. Experts at home and abroad try to adjust the temperature of the cooling fan from the screw air compressor controller, and need to stop; the atmospheric dew point will also change with the weather, there is no need to adjust every day, it is more reasonable to design a time period to adjust once. The author believes that the central region is a period from June 1 to August 31, and the southern region is a period from June 1 to September 31. The above suggestions can be adjusted according to the temperature changes in the actual year. screw air compressor with a discharge pressure of about 3 bar, the temperature control should be 15 ~ 17 °C lower than the screw air compressor with a discharge pressure of about 7 bar. Before May 1st, oil change, oil filter, air filter, oil separator, oil cleaning system, oil cooling system, oil cooler, greet the arrival of high temperature weather, make screw air compressor safe and reliable .

Adjusting the temperature of the screw air compressor to a suitable condition can achieve the dual effects of reliability and energy saving. If users in different regions are willing to do so, please consult our technical staff to provide specific temperature control for the characteristics of their area. The program achieves the goal of energy saving.

In order to study and rationally adjust the exhaust problem of the screw air compressor, our technicians have developed a national-level energy-saving rare earth permanent magnet screw air compressor, which can be used with me. The technicians of the company jointly discussed this piece of technology and made the high-end rare earth permanent magnet screw air compressor better out of national borders. Label [screw air compressor cooling][screw air compressor exhaust temperature]Recommended product: 3 cubic screw air compressor 6 cubic screw air compressor10 cubic screw air compressor