Screw air compressorInjection oil can solve four major problems such as cooling, lubrication, sealing and noise reduction.
1, cooling effect:
The injected oil is in the form of droplets, mixed with the compressed gas, the extremely large heat exchange surface quickly absorbs the heat of compression of the gas, cooling the compressed medium, greatly reducing Exhaust gas temperature.

2, lubrication:
In the dry screw air compressor, the two rotors do not touch each other, relying on high-precision synchronous gear to maintain the gap. In the fuel injection compressor, since a large amount of oil exists, and the female rotor absorbs only a small portion of the total power consumption of the compression, the synchronous gear can be omitted, and the male rotor directly drives the female rotor. In addition, since the injected oil is exactly the same as the lubricating oil used in the bearing, it is no longer necessary to separate the gas from the lubricating oil with a complicated sealing device, which makes the distance between the rotor supporting bearings smaller and significantly improved. The stiffness of the rotor reduces the deformation.
3, sealing effect:
There are a number of leakage channels inside the air compressor, these leakage channels are some narrow gaps, the presence of oil greatly enhances the sealing effect, so that the leakage through them Greatly reduced.
4, noise reduction:
According to the Chinese air compressor Xiaobian learned that the injected oil is a viscous fluid, which has absorption and damping effects on sound energy and sound waves. Generally, the noise can be reduced by 10 to 20 decibels after fuel injection.

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