Due to the harsh working environment and the unfixed working environment, the mobile screw machine has always had a high failure rate and it is troublesome to fix it if it is limited by environmental factors. Therefore, it is necessary for the operator of the mobile screw machine to understand and master certain maintenance knowledge to cope with some urgent fault situations. This article will talk about the failure of the mobile screw machine to load after booting. According to the author's many years of experience, there are three main factors that cause this failure: pressure switch failure, electromagnetic valve failure and control line leakage. The following three factors are introduced separately: 1. Pressure switch failure: generally because screw air compressor the pressure on the gas pipeline exceeds the rated load pressure, the system will automatically cut off the pressure regulator to protect the relevant equipment. It won't be damaged because of excessive pressure. In this case, we only need to re-adjust the pressure switch setting or replace the pressure switch. 2. Solenoid valve failure: If the solenoid valve of the moving screw machine fails due to some reasons and cannot work normally, it may cause the Chinese air compressor to not load. At this time, we only need to replace the solenoid valve to eliminate the fault. 3. Control pipeline leakage: mainly caused by leakage of control pipeline between oil separator and unloading valve. At this time, we should find the leak in the gap check pipeline and each connection port and fill it in time. can. Under normal circumstances, the factors that cause the mobile screw machine to boot without loading faults are nothing more than the above three points, especially the first point.

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