Constrictive machine is to be used enrage mechanical energy translate into body energy, give gas pressure boost or the mechanical device that recommend. Regard a kind of electrified high pressure as equipment, constrictive machine is in movement, use a process constantly circumfuse risk. These risks have those who be aimed at oneself of constrictive machine machine already, also have what operate etc management, maintenance technician in the light of equipment.

Sex of risk of pneumatics machine itself is analysed

(1) has oxidation function as a result of air, fall in higher pressure especially, recommend fragmentary have higher velocity of flow again, consequently fragmentary risk has oxidation already (hot) risk, have high speed to wear away again the risk that reachs attrition. Because the air cylinder of constrictive machine, lay aside is enraged implement, air recommends (exhaust) cop because overheating, super- it is OK to press fit explodes, consequently, the mechanical temperature of each component should control constrictive machine inside limit.

(The smooth oil of 2) pulverization or it is OK that its decompose content and constrictive air to mix occasion explodes.

(3) constrictive engine oil is sealed and smooth and fragmentary or body of air entrance kiss does not agree with a requirement, make a few oil kind, hydrocarbon kind etc enter, accumulation Yu Ling is broken low-lying place, for example flange, valve, moire canal, change diameter place, below high-pressured gas action, progressively by pulverization, oxidation, knot anxious, char, decompose, make potential requirement of explosion.

(The air with humid 4) and fragmentary not the exercise with standard cleanness, cold alternant heat can make be in charge of wall happening iron to become rusty, flake below action of high speed gas, become ignition source.

(5) air is constrictive the process is medium do not fluctuate and breathe heavily brace up configuration can bring about medium temperature is reduced suddenly. As a result of,this is fragmentary inside fluid (air) in the consequence that suddenly action bottom separates adiabatic and constrictive function.

(When 6) is quiting reparative device job, wipe the combustible liquid such as content, kerosene, benzine to fall into cylinder, lay aside to enrage implement reach inside air conduit, when pneumatics machine starts, can bring about explosion.

(The mechanical intensity with constrictive and fragmentary local press press does not agree with 7) standard.

(Pressure of 8) constrictive air surmounts regulation.

The following circumstance all has can bring about the fit of pneumatics engine trouble or accident of pneumatics machine explosion.

Pneumatics machine injures a risk to human body

The scathing risk secondary to human body includes pneumatics plane: 1. The person of scald of place temperature Gao Yi such as pneumatics aircraft nose, oil cylinder; 2. The high pressure inside machine gas tank can meet pneumatics to form injury to personnel; 3. Pneumatics is started suddenly when machine overhaul, easy form injury of equipment, personnel.

Actually, above is to come from equipment character to the risk of human body, need severity to scrupulously abide by job rules to be able to prevent only. Return some risks to come from pair of constrictive airy misapplication and devoid alertness. For example, come with constrictive air blow the dress to go up or the dirty content of job site is not a good definite idea absolutely.

Although a lot of people know will liquidate with constrictive air drossy or meeting occasion injures the dress, but the constrictive air that because old bad bad habit is mixed,goes to the lavatory in job site, it still is applied nothing more than so by people. But, indispensible remember, apply constrictive air to come the act that stage of clean object, machine, task, dress and other thing are a risk, meeting occasion person injures the bulky grain in strong air current or constrictive air.

The constrictive air pressure that constrictive air tool exerts job site is in about 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, the 3 ~ of the car tire pressure that it is equivalent to complete circumfuse enraging 4 times. So, although constrictive air is very useful motivation, but if cannot be applied correctly,use purpose error probably, it is very easy the injury with serious occasion and disaster.

Explosion of machine of some factory pneumatics causes Zhuhai fire

1. pounds injury

(1) relies on pressure, constrictive air can sweep little grain grey bits, but these grey bits can develop an eye however probably abrade skin. Can destroy a level to depend on these are blown the size of a grain, heft, appearance, composition and speed.

(Oneself of 2) constrictive air is a serious and harmless source. Below extreme state, constrictive air can pass skin cut or the body opens an organization to enter blood stream. On medicine, the bleb in blood stream is like thrombus same, form the hematic flow resistance of the risk to break. The thrombus in artery because size, continue of time and position different, can occasion come to, break down to die probably.

In 40psi (about 2.7 standards are baric) below pressure from from ear 4 inches (about 10 centimeters) place can blow ear film defeat or bring about brain damage. In small send 12psi (about 0.82 standards are baric) below pressure, can blow eyeball from orbit. Constrictive air can pass dress insufflate navel even, and bring about intestines is dissilient. Blow continuously to the mouth, constrictive air can be blown crack lung.

2. explosion is injured

Constrictive gas has energy, once break with is met by constrictive gas rapid divulge, can meet occasion gas explodes. When constrictive tube works, the high-pressured air that rises suddenly in tube can make tube bounces, bring about work staff eye is facial suffer loss.

Old job case 1

On May 28, 2013, a few women of a company are in Yantai developing zone to joke together, among them one woman is in charge of with constrictive air by the colleague from anal infuse air, intestines within an inch of is blown to explode.

Fang Mou and Luo Mou are in company of some alloy products foundry task, usual relationship is better. Fang Mou is in task clearance, see Luo Mou crouchs on the ground to work, plan to dally with Luo Mou. He has been taken from inside fellow worker hand blow grind fecal used constrictive air is tracheal, go behind Luo Mou to go up toward its buttock whiff. Who knows Luo Mou to fall down at once, the hand covers abdominal expression is ghastly. Fang Mou became confused hands or feet, hasten report manufacturer, manufacturer soon Luo Mou sends to the hospital. Hospital introspection discovers Luo Mou large intestine break with already formed flesh wound, just fill the large intestine of break with via two operations had received, around spend money more than yuan 40 thousand, all load by Fang Mou.

Old job case 2

2008, a few laborers of an unit are helping Shanghai dragon Wu Lu up an expression distress, abdominal distension leave Wu Jing hospital like bosomy fellow worker, goldbrick person is worked in the same place to be in infuse from anus constrictive air, bear hard sorely, requirement make a diagnosis and give treatment. Send the patient immediately between emergency call take a room. Classics is preliminary diagnose, patient once bowel is perforative. The doctor made a report to courtyard guidance at once, started lash-up rescue program. Through a rescue of half hours of insecurity, head off a danger of this sick talented person.

Original, before morning shift went to work that day, chen Tudi is using the constrictive air in the workshop to blow the dust on the dress, in the laborer behind Wu Mou feels amused, enter disclose of pipe of a constrictive airy the Chen Tudi anus that was not on guard unexpectedly, the gas disgorge with an extremely strong pressure enters immediately its body.

Chen Tudi feels abdominal immediately very bilge, special distress, be sent cure of Wu Jing hospital by the fellow worker. The doctor says, constrictive air by infuse body special risk, if cure gets evening, form acute afterwards very easily to send sexual peritonitis, occasion affects death. Doctor Zhao is dissuasive say, constrictive air cannot enter human body, eliminate can beyond distress of occasion patient extreme, consequently occasion is affected and die easily still.

Constrictive air runs a requirement in safety

Before 1. is applied

Before applying constrictive air to work, work staff should make the provision before good work, lose exercise holds the position of a person or assign staff approbate. The member that exercise holds the position of person or assigner can inspect practice state to execute surveillance and introspection to preliminary task.

2. exercise spot meditates

If constrictive air is used in risk area, before suspending operation again, should apply portable can light air detector to detect of the spot can light air chroma, in can light air chroma to be worth under upper explosion limit 10% when Fang Nengyun makes work.

3. personnel defends introspection

Before applying constrictive air to suspend operation, work staff should wear protective equipment, wait like blinkers.

  The risk controls criterion

1. does not take constrictive air to joke forever, it has can deadly;

2. does not use clothings of constrictive air cleanness, hair and body forever;

3. is not used forever tracheal point to anybody continuously, at any time advertent beside personnel won't lie under high-pressured air current. Tracheal leisure time, point to its plantar direction downward;

4. apparels proper protective equipment, when using constrictive air, must wear defend glasses. Remember please, lack of garment of average worker worker protects high-pressured air in case.

Handle advertent matter

Tube of the introspection before 1. is applied and connect whether join correctly;

2. often meditates tracheal, discovery is injured immediately reparative change probably;

3. tube does not put park can occasion is tripping in the center of injury;

If 4. wants to span passageway, should will tracheal be hanged at altitude or ensure it has abundant guard;

Fragmentary component wants 5. pneumatics chance current introspection.