Screw air compressors apply for coal mine mark certification (referred to as MA, KA certification), "Interim Measures for the Management of Coal Mine Products Safety Signs" and "Coal Mine Products Catalogue for the Implementation of Safety Signs" and other documents. These documents further clarify the safety mark management agency, determine the scope of product management and the specific rules for the management of safety signs, and are a more comprehensive method of safety sign management. The above measures ensure the safe use of the equipment in the underground

Coal Mine Mark Certification (referred to as MA and KA certification) is a mandatory certification for the implementation of coal mine underground supplies by the National Coal Mine Safety Sign Office. Any product in the mine product safety certification catalogue must obtain a certification certificate. No unit or individual may sell, purchase or use mining products that are included in the Safety Label Management Catalogue but have not obtained a safety sign. For product manufacturers to apply for safety signs, they must apply for the application, initial review and qualification registration, review and certification.

The air compressor has multiple product certifications: coal safety (MA) certification, mine safety (KA) certification, mining certification (KY), CCC\CQC coal mine / explosion-proof electrical equipment qualification certification.

Production license certification: national industrial product license, safety license, special equipment license, etc.

International certification: IECEX, ATEX, CE, UL, API, ASME, etc.

System certification: ISO9001\ISO14001\ISO18000, etc.

Other certifications: classification society, fire protection, metering, API, etc.