The low-pressure screw air compressor cement conveying system completely solves the problems of large noise, high fuel consumption, dampness of the cement, waste of cement in the cement silo, ash pollution of the warehouse roof, and even the explosion of the warehouse for the mixing station and the wet spray machine. A series of problems, while reducing the delivery time by 50%, brought an industry revolution to the bulk cement discharge at the mixing station!

The intelligent low-pressure powder conveying system (central gas supply at the station) installs the compression system at the station, and the compressed air is generated by the low-pressure screw air compressor. The buffer is stored and removed by the gas storage tank, and the external air source interface of the transportation vehicle is passed. Access to the pneumatic conveying pipeline.

Designed patent system

The warehouse data will be monitored in real time; once the gas pressure in the warehouse is too high and the powder is excessive, the system will start an automatic warning, lock and close the air compressor, and fundamentally solve the problem of excessive overpressure. At the same time, the low-pressure conveying system can effectively control dust and noise pollution.

The system adds a cooling design at the compressed air outlet stage, effectively removes water through a patented size gas storage tank, and finally removes water through a water separator designed specifically for low pressure gas at the end, ensuring the output of low temperature dry compressed gas to the powder tanker. The filter core of the precipitator is not wetted, and the cement is cooled and not exposed to moisture.

With six layers of safety protection, the pressure of the whole pneumatic conveying system is constant and controllable. The safety protection consisting of pressure sensor and level gauge plus at least four pressure safety valves automatically stops or releases pressure on the system overpressure. It can avoid safety accidents such as squibs, explosions, and dust collectors caused by overpressure.

The company has long-term supporting special air compressors for mixing stations such as Sany, Zhonglian, China Railway Construction and Xugong. The industry share is over 90%, and the air compressors supporting concrete mixing stations exceed 30,000 sets. The research and development and technical certification of the material conveying system have successfully developed an intelligent low-pressure powder conveying system with independent intellectual property rights, replacing the diesel driving with electric drive, making the powder conveying operation safe and controllable, environmentally friendly, noise-reducing, energy-efficient, and filling the domestic The industry is blank.

Commitment: 1. The ambient noise during operation is less than 70 decibels, and the pipe is not required to be installed in the pipeline. 2. Under the premise of normal maintenance of the equipment and normal operation according to the requirements, the warehouse will explode due to the overpressure operation of the equipment, and the dust collector will be exploded and the ash pipe will be blasted. The responsibility shall be borne by the company. 3. The transportation efficiency is greatly improved (about 30%~50%) than the original vehicle system, ensuring that the transportation cost per ton of bulk cement is reduced by about 1 yuan. 4. Effectively reduce the temperature of the cement to ensure continuous feeding of the silo. (No need to wait for the silo cement to cool naturally) 5. Effectively remove water, the cement is not damp, and the filter bag is not easy to be knotted. 6. The low-pressure powder conveying system has a 2-year long warranty. The low-pressure powder conveying system of the station will bring an industry revolutionary low-pressure powder conveying system to the powder conveying of the station; we will witness with you the bluer sky and the higher flying you!

The intelligent low-pressure powder conveying system of the station. Mixing station, wet spray machine centralized gas supply and screw air compressor custom service, you will always be the protagonist!