Since the beginning of the eighth day of work, the compressor has entered orders every day, such as: 2 sets of explosion-proof high-pressure screw air compressors, nearly a few "Little Prince" models, several large-scale diesel mobile air compressors, and foreign orders for oil-free screws. 9 sets, 2 sets of two-stage compression screw air compressors, multiple post-processing and related products.

With nearly 15 years of old brands, the compressor has firmly occupied the leading position in the compressor industry. After expansion in recent years, it has 300 acres of land and nearly 50,000 square meters of factory buildings in 2012. In preparation for the expansion of the air compressor, the infrastructure of the air compressor plant has been completed.

Has more than 300 varieties of products, such as: high pressure piston air compressor, low pressure screw air compressor, ordinary screw air compressor, permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor, high pressure screw air compressor, oil-free dry screw Air compressor, oil-free water lubrication air compressor, diesel mobile air compressor, centrifugal compressor, vehicle compressor, tunnel special air compressor, special air compressor for transmission, double-stage compression energy-saving air compressor, etc.

Air compressors with so many products and cost-effective advantages, is a good opportunity for you to develop money in 2019, the heart is not as good as action, pick up the phone in hand, call the hotline: 4001109566