China Air Compressor and Xugong Group Foundation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement to provide diesel fixed air compressor products for Xugong Group's water well drilling rig project. The varieties of diesel air compressor products for water well drilling rigs are: 20 cubic 20 Kg, 25 cubic 25 kg, 27 cubic 30 kg, 30 cubic 27 kg, 30 cubic 30 kg, 35 cubic 27 kg, 35 cubic 30 kg, 35 cubic 35 kg, 40 cubic 30 kg and other models.

Founded in March 1989, Xugong Group has maintained its position as the vanguard of China's construction machinery industry for 25 years. It ranks No. 5 in the world's construction machinery industry and 122nd in China's top 500 enterprises. It is the 49th among the top 100 manufacturers in China and the 4th among the top 100 machinery manufacturers in China. It is the largest enterprise group with the largest scale, the most complete varieties and the most competitive and influential products in China.
Xugong Group's annual operating income has grown from 386 million yuan at the time of its establishment to 100 billion yuan in 2012, maintaining its number one position in the industry.

      In the solid and stable global market construction, Xugong gradually built a large and efficient network covering more than 2,000 service terminals, more than 6,000 technical experts, more than 5,000 marketing service personnel, and radiating 177 countries and regions. , to provide pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale and financial leasing to customers around the world, one-stop, integrated and efficient and convenient service.

      Xugong Foundation Engineering Machinery ("Xugong Foundation") was established in January 2010. It is a wholly-owned development of the pile engineering machinery, non-excavation machinery and coal mining machinery of Xugong Group. Subsidiary. The company is located in Jinshanqiao Economic Development Zone, China. It covers an area of ​​150 acres and has a factory area of ​​30,000 square meters. It has nearly 1,000 employees and currently has four types of high-tech products: horizontal directional drilling machine, rotary drilling rig, coal boring machine and continuous wall grab. Many of the products have won the National and Provincial Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Awards. In 2011, the company successfully passed the provincial high-tech enterprise certification, and the “large-scale intelligent non-excavation directional drilling machine research and development and industrialization” successfully passed the National Torch Project project, the company's technology center. It has been identified as the China City Foundation Engineering Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center, and its products have been exported to nearly 20 countries including South America, Central Asia and Africa.