The air compressor includes the following products: electric drive screw air compressor, diesel driven screw air compressor, electric drive piston screw series high pressure oil free air compressor, diesel driven piston screw series micro oil air compressor, gasoline engine drive screw type Air compressors, turbines drive centrifugal air compressors and other products. The gas production volume is 0.5 cubic, 1 cubic, 2 cubic, 3.5 cubic, 6.5 cubic, 8 cubic, 10 cubic, 12 cubic, 15 cubic, 17 cubic, 18 cubic, 20 cubic, 22 cubic, 24 cubic, 26 cubic, 28 Cubic, 30 cubic, 35 cubic, 40 cubic, 50 cubic, 60 cubic, 80 cubic, 120 cubic, etc. Pressure range: 3 kg, 5 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg, 11 kg, 13 kg, 15 kg, 17 kg, 18 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg, 60 Kilograms, 80 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg, 300 kg, 500 kg and other series.

Diesel mobile screw air compressor equipment features:
The main strengths are: high functionality, low disease, low fuel consumption, 
1. Diesel mobile air compressor has high reliability: there are few compressor parts and no wearing parts, so it runs reliably and has a long service life. The interval between overhauls can reach 4~80,000 hours;
2. Diesel mobile air compressor is easy to operate and maintain: the degree of automation is high, and the operator does not have to go through long-term professional training to achieve unattended operation;
3, diesel mobile air compressor power balance is good: no unbalanced inertia force, smooth high-speed operation, can achieve no basic operation, especially suitable for use as a mobile compressor, small size, light weight, less floor space;
4. Diesel mobile air compressor has strong adaptability: it has the characteristics of forced air transmission, and the volume flow is almost independent of the exhaust pressure, which can maintain high efficiency in a wide range of speed.