The gasoline screw air compressor has been supplied in batches in various industries. The gasoline compressor adopts the Japanese Honda imported engine supporting the American screw compressor main engine, which perfectly designs the industrial gasoline compressor.

The petrol small movable screw air compressor can work completely independently and does not require additional accessories and equipment to start, such as: cooling system, power supply system, computer control system, lubrication system, etc.

The petrol small movable air compressor has a compact structure, no need for auxiliary structures such as sheet metal and moving wheels, and the outer dimensions are designed according to the highest standards. The muffler and exhaust gas discharge parts are installed at the bottom of the air compressor and are insulated. .

Model number: 46-8

Exhaust volume: 1.2-2.0 cubic meters / minute

Engine: Japan Honda (original import)

Rated horsepower: less than 15KW

Weight: 70 kg

Dimensions: 900X650X700

Standby time: within 2 hours