The high-pressure screw air compressor for blowing bottles broke the international pattern and became the global manufacturer of high-pressure screw air compressors for blowing bottles. The single-machine and unit (piston-type high-pressure unit, screw-piston series, twin-screw high-pressure air compressor) designed for PET blowing bottles are equipped with new technologies and cutting-edge technologies in the world. The main performance indicators have reached or exceeded the level of international similar products. Long-term operation and test in various occasions: higher efficiency, higher reliability (24 hours continuous non-stop operation), longer life, lower noise, less vibration, lower exhaust temperature, lower fuel consumption

Industry authority, more than 15 years experience in blow molding and blowing machinery, covering more than 120 countries and regions 

As a manufacturer of blown air compressors in China, we always adhere to the road of technological innovation. To contribute to the development of the Chinese beverage industry.