Launched the "Energy-saving Little Prince" series air compressor: the quality of the screw machine, the price of the piston machine 

product manual:

Double oil-cooled permanent magnet variable frequency motor

The use of 180 degree high temperature permanent magnet material ensures that the permanent magnet motor unit is not demagnetized, the protection grade is IP56, and the specific power is ultra-low, and the first-class energy efficiency.

very silent

Oil cool sound permanent magnet inverter motor, enclosed soundproof cover, the whole machine noise 62 decibels

Constant pressure

The gas reaches a constant pressure state, reflecting the true sense of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Easy to maintain

The integrated direct connection method is conducive to energy saving space, installation, maintenance and so on. The clamshell soundproof cover is designed to be beautiful and easy to maintain. Self-contained gas storage tank and walking system are conducive to flexible movement.

Fully automatic control

The use of computer board full intelligent control system, eliminating a lot of manpower supervision, various sensing systems, can transmit data from time to time, fully automatic "Internet of Things" technology

Frequency conversion permanent magnet technology

Using variable frequency permanent magnet energy-saving and environmental protection technology, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the power saving is as high as 40% or more.


1, energy efficiency and power saving up to 30%

2, <65dB

3, maintenance costs 600 / year

4, can monitor temperature and pressure at any time

5, PLC intelligent control

6, plug and play

7, permanent magnet frequency conversion

8, constant voltage output

9, frequency conversion start

10, no need to install

11, save space