China's air compressor production of oil-free screw air compressor won the bid for a certain electric technology in Sichuan, the products are 132KW permanent magnet variable frequency oil-free screw air compressor and 90KW power frequency screw air compressor and other post-processing equipment It includes: dryers, filters, gas storage tanks, pipe installations, etc.

      The company is located in the China Panda Electronics (Chengdu) factory, specializing in Panda Electronics OEM products. Founded in 1936, Panda Electronics Group is known as the cradle of China's electronics industry. It is a state-owned comprehensive large-scale electronics company with an 81-year history. It has been ranked among the top 100 electronic information companies in China for 20 consecutive years. "Panda-PANDA "It is the first "China Well-known Trademark" in China's electronics industry. It is also the first registered trademark of China's electronic products to enter the international market. It has been more than 50 years old. Panda Electronics has created and developed the Chinese electronics industry and made outstanding contributions to China's national defense and national modernization.