Air compressor factory [Committee Committee of the Communist Party of China Air Compressor (Jiangsu)] applied for the "two new" organization party workers "red collar allowance" for the company's employees.

The "red collar allowance" standard is divided into 500 yuan / month, 300 yuan / month two grades, the issue criteria are determined according to the assessment results.

The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee issued a notice to set up a "red-new subsidy" for party workers in the "two new" organizations from January 2019. This is to strengthen the basic guarantee for the "two new" organization of party building and promote the high-quality development of private enterprises. Important initiatives.

The people who enjoy the "red-collar allowance" are mainly the party organizations, deputy secretaries and party workers who are specifically engaged in party affairs in the non-public enterprises and large-scale social organizations that separately establish party organizations, and each "two new" The party organization defines one candidate.