A number of large screw air compressors serve China National Building Materials [the world's largest building materials company], and four of them use two-stage compression screw air compressors.

China Building Materials Group (hereinafter referred to as China National Building Material Group) is a central enterprise approved by the State Council and reorganized by China Building Materials Group and China National Materials Group. It is a central enterprise directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

        China Building Materials Group is a combination of scientific research, manufacturing and distribution. It is the world's largest integrated building materials industry group and the world's leading integrated service provider. It has been listed as one of the Fortune Global 500 companies for eight consecutive years. List. The total assets are nearly 600 billion yuan, the total number of employees is 250,000, and the annual business income exceeds 300 billion yuan. It has 13 listed companies, including 2 overseas listed companies. The cement clinker production capacity is 530 million tons, the commercial concrete production capacity is 460 million cubic meters, the gypsum board production capacity is 2.2 billion square meters, the glass fiber production capacity is 2.24 million tons, and the wind power blade production capacity is 16 GW, ranking first in the world; in the international cement glass engineering market and The waste heat power generation market is ranked first in the world. It has 26 national research and design institutes, 38,000 scientific and technological research and development personnel, 33 national industrial quality inspection centers, more than 11,000 patents, 11 national laboratories and technical centers, and 19 standard committees.

        China Building Materials Group's strategic vision is to become a world-class building materials company with global competitiveness, strategic positioning is the leader of industry integration, industrial upgrade innovators, pioneers of international capacity cooperation, Focus on building six major business platforms, including basic building materials platform, international capacity cooperation platform, three new industry development platform, national material research platform, national mine resource platform, and financial investment operation platform.