The screw air compressor station intelligent low-pressure powder system is also called “mixing station pneumatic conveying system” or “screw air compressor cement conveying system”. It is a solution for customers in the mixing station to solve the problem of large noise, high fuel consumption and dampness of cement. A series of problems such as waste in the cement silo, dusting of the roof, pollution of the environment, and even explosions, while reducing the transportation time by 50%, brought an industry revolution for the bulk cement discharge in the mixing station!

The intelligent low-pressure powder conveying system installs the compression system at the station, and the compressed air is generated by the low-pressure screw air compressor. The buffer is stored and removed by the gas storage tank, and the pneumatic conveying pipeline is connected through the external air source interface of the transportation vehicle. When the powder is delivered to the silo, the designed compression system will monitor the bin data in real time; once the gas pressure in the bin is too high and the powder is excessive, the system will start an automatic warning, lock and close the air compressor, which fundamentally solves Overpressure problem. At the same time, the low-pressure conveying system can effectively control dust and noise.

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