The tunnel-specific air compressor is a compressor used in space-constrained tunnels. It has made great contributions to the tunnel construction in China. It is especially suitable for placement in mines. Its model size is small, its height is low, and its footprint is small. The reliability is high, and the machine appearance can be designed and manufactured according to the parameters provided by the customer.

The series screw air compressor/screw compressor adopts the unique double air duct structure. The compressor is divided into two independent air ducts and one air duct by the middle soundproof board of the chassis. The fan is sucked into the direct blow cooler and discharged. The air duct is sucked by the tail of the main unit and is used to cool the motor and then discharged. Therefore, there are two air inlets at the rear and two air outlets at the top. This structure makes the noise enclosed in the chassis and cannot be transmitted out of the chassis. The noise of the whole machine is extremely low. The noise of the screw air compressor is at the leading level in the industry.

Series screw air compressor / screw compressor features:

1. Host: It adopts self-owned brand main engine. The screw rotor adopts SKF face-to-face mounting roller cone bearing. It adopts the most advanced 5:6 asymmetric tooth shape and is sealed from the line to the optimized line with seal. The formation of an oil film greatly reduces internal leakage.

2. Motor: It adopts brand three-phase high-performance motor, protection grade IP23, insulation grade F grade, with "SKF" heavy-duty bearing, transmission efficiency is over 95%, good insulation, high temperature resistance, long life.

3. Electrical components: World-famous brand electrical components, using silver contacts, life expectancy of more than 3 million times, long-term security for safe use.

4. Intake valve: New intake valve designed for wearing parts, ON-OFF adjustment mode, gas volume adjustment range 0---100%, small pressure loss, long operating life, is currently the most Reliable and efficient air intake adjustment.

5. Oil filter 

The rotary filter completely removes the impurities in the lubrication night, and is easy to replace without any oil leakage.

6. Cooler 

The low temperature difference design increases the heat exchange area and is more suitable for high temperature and high humidity working environments.

7. Motor 

It adopts high-quality brand-name high-efficiency motor with protection class IP23 and insulation grade.

8. Chassis Cover                              

Fully enclosed silent box design, sound-absorbing foam on the inside of the box, can effectively absorb noise, 3-5dB (A) lower than the noise of similar machines, the overall structure is reasonable, and the maintenance is very convenient.

9. 4000 hours of lubricant life 

The use of super lubricating fluid can reduce maintenance costs, because the unique separation performance of super lubricating fluid and self-cleaning function make the discharged compressed air oil content extremely low, which also greatly reduces the loss of circulating lubricating fluid.  

10.Control Panel Series Controller is an intelligent controller specifically designed for screw air compressors with advanced intelligent controllers and protection features that are key to the machine. The sensor on the component transmits the data to the intelligent controller for measurement, and controls the running state of the machine in time, and automatically calculates and automatically adjusts according to the actual gas consumption, so that the machine can get the best operation. Unattended operation.