In recent years, energy saving and emission reduction has become the main theme of the compressor industry. The large cubic two-stage compression atmospheric screw machine is the first choice for energy-saving products. DSNEAIR is at the forefront of energy-saving technologies in the industry. The research and development and technical reserves of two-stage compression screw machines have already started a few years ago. The same power, greater displacement, which undoubtedly bring energy savings to the majority of manufacturers. For example, the DST-340W inverter two-stage compression screw machine shipped by DSNEAIR in the previous two days:

250kw, 8kg, two-stage compression water-cooled variable frequency screw machine. The power of 250kw is equivalent to the single-stage compression

315kw screw machine displacement!
Compared with the same amount of exhaust, but the energy consumption is reduced by 65kw. Imagine a screw machine running 24 hours a day, 8000 hours a year, saving 65 kWh per hour, saving 520,000 kWh of electricity a year, the energy saving effect is self-evident!

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