Grow in intensity in economic globalization incline to tomorrow, market competition is the singles between single company is fought alone no longer, all match between the enterprise that differs however. The competition between the enterprise is behaved only not merely in the competition to the client, also express the cooperation of business of outstanding now supply, a high grade supply business once became a key in industry competition.

Alleged and outstanding, it is supply business the product that has us to provide money of high quality, low, seasonable pay and the gift that offer the work for that exceed hopes for; Alleged and faithful, it is supply business regards the first client as us all the time, serve as the direction that oneself continue to reform with our demand all the time, even if encounters difficult time in us also unremitting ground gives support.

A the choice of supply business is an enterprise important and decision-making, a good supply business is to point to the processing technique that has product of production high quality, have enough consumptive ability, and can be in gain profit while offer the product that has competition. Outstanding supply business chooses to have important sense about enhancing all competition ability of the enterprise below coequal condition.

But, the ideal situation of a lot of enterprises is however: Fine supply business normally not quite faithful, and dutiful supply business normally not quite outstanding, often develop supply business then, often change supply business became these companies cannot choice. It is if really ever since: Quality, price and hand in period often shake, work for stand or fall, when do not have sometimes, although relevant section is busy busy busy, the product that continues to often obtain money of high quality, low, seasonable delivery and the work for that exceed hopes for always are an illusion however, within sight but beyond reach.

So, how is deserve bred outstanding and dutiful supply business?

Above all, want business of proper perspective supply to complete the bedrock action in the process in the product, establish the thought that relies on business of supply business, work for supply, be kind to supply business, give supply trader in order to be determined.

Supply business is the bedrock that the product finishs

The quality of component, price, consign is periodic, on very old standard resolution is worn the quality of the product, capital and consumption are periodic.

Outside assist, outside the proportion that buys component to occupy the component that makes a product is larger, standard of this kind of resolution is older, and the quality of component, capital and consign cycle depend on again supply business. So, supply business is the bedrock that company product finishs, so deserve regards supply business as oneself cent factory is treated, believe supply business, rely on supply business, use up an enterprise to be able to be supply business work for, foster supply business become firm component to consume base.

Business of supply of quits look upon

Below buyer's market environment, in business relation, need to just be in strong position normally, and the position that supply business is in very preponderance normally, consequently, the strong position that some enterprises use him constantly direct or force supply business to bear forthrightly a few not quits conditions.

Short-term internal energy meets this kind of practice bring a few profits to the enterprise quite, but from ages ago looking is adverse however to the enterprise, because furnish although business bore of one's own accord these conditions, but heart of profess to convinced refuses to obey, “ body is in in Cao battalion heart Chinese ” . Once had better market, they are met immediately “ loves another person ” . Sequential, nature is to produce quality quantity, hand in period shake and the fall of work for quality, the enterprise turned the person that “ is benefited into naturally also ” from “ victim ” . So, want to furnish business is faithful at the enterprise, the enterprise needs quits look upon furnishs business.

Alleged reciprocity is waited for, should accomplish personal place namely not desire, do not apply at the person, everything put oneself in the place of another, be considerate. And among them the most essential is not to force supply business to do loath business. For example, the talk suspends below quits and freewill premise, do not sign the agreement that contains not quits requirement with supply business, more not the in any way forces supply business to sign similar agreement; Do not force or ginseng of bilk supply business is not good at with its probably loath the new product project that participate in, do not force or bilk supply business bears its are able force stands or loath susceptive business; Severity fulfils the obligation of consultative regulation, do not execute with any argument refusal execute with cut-price means probably etc.

Maintain the interest of supply business automatically

The purpose of supply business and company efforts, it is to gain profit. If cannot gain profit, supply business won't with company efforts, even if once established synergic relationship, this kind of relation also won't abiding. So, want to furnish business is faithful at, continue to offer gratified product and work for for the enterprise, indispensible and automatic the interest that maintains supply business:

<1> offers supply business reasonable profit margin. Some supply business to grab preoccupy market, adopt low strategy normally, ascensive price seizes the opportunity to be probably on new product again after needing occupational market make an issue of, if program is successful, they can last with company efforts, once plan fails, they have can join very quickly.

So, from ages ago look, even if is in quality, work for is equal below premise, price lowest also is not best choice certainly, the key wants those who see profit margin to add up to sensibility. About profit margin add up to sensibility, different person has different view.

The author thinks, the profit margin that offers component and close of product photograph Nor should be reasonable. For example, it is when the profit margin of the product 10% when, the profit margin that offers this product component also is 10% the left and right sides; When the profit margin of the product drops, the profit margin of its component also is reduced in proportion subsequently.

<2> does not ask supply business bear eliminates the other beyond consultative regulation any obligation, product of progress of not bilateral face asks or work for asks, covert the profit margin that reduces supply business. Because the cause of enterprise itself forms a product to ask to progress probably work for asks to progress, form supply business capital to add, deserve offers supply business corresponding compensation.

After <3> enters batch to consume level, design program should maintain wave motion as far as possible, blame do not want informal break an agreement as a last resort. If receive blame go back on one's word cannot, also answer automatic supply business communicates beforehand, had done job of corresponding deal with problems arising from an accident.

<4> should furnish the product of business is even fraction defective (supplied materials examines fraction defective, process examines the even cost that fraction defective, finished product pays check fraction defective) when be more than or be equal to profit margin, mean supply business to be able to be on this product once or presenting profit. Continue to make sure the fluctuation that offers money is mixed quality, deserve is differred automatically immediately dispatch is relevant personnel, improve its quality to run measure jointly with supply business, ascensive percent of pass.

<5> is established, the system that prevents employee erosion soundly, restrain the behavior of employee, from the precaution on the system employee application powers and authorities of office harms the interest of supply business.

Anticorrosive system should is opposite mainly option of supply business option, type selecting of parts of an apparatus, plan, price, make contract provision, promote prorata, the behavior of the respect such as quality control, claim for compensation stops to restrain.

<6> is used as far as possible offer money solely, the requirement of the enterprise can be satisfied in the ability offerring money of supply business and fall without the state of big error, do not add new supply business casually, even if has better price also is such.

If not merely,the home offers money, below the state that does not have big error in supply business, also do not reduce casually promote scale to alter probably promote orientation. If supply business develops a process in the product medium or process of design break an agreement is medium have investment, indispensible from order probably other respect gives repay accordingly.

Next, want abundant view to arrive make outstanding and the importance that team of dutiful supply business lives to the enterprise and begins, stop choice, evaluation and management to supply business from the strategic height that builds component to create base.

Choose supply business to answer the criterion of appropriate ” of comply with “

The enterprise is worn to the appeal resolution of supply business supply business is right of the enterprise faithful degree, the enterprise chooses supply business also ” of Yue of photograph of be matched for marriage of deserve fastidious “ , two affection, otherwise, cooperation is not unpleasantness, it is not abiding. So, the time deserve that the enterprise is choosing supply business is the dimensions from itself, famous degree, sales and pay to just can wait for practice state leave, choose the supply business of “ appropriate ” , is not choice “ the supply business of the most outstanding ” .

Alleged and appropriate, the demand bearing of the product construction that is supply business and enterprise is complied with; It is OK that ability of the 2 aptitude conditions that are supply business, research and development, quality makes sure ability, consumption ability and capital control ability to wait to go up at all the requirement of contented enterprise; 3 it is supply business has with the enterprise temporarily synergic desire, our requirement stops willing according to continue to reform; 4 it is an enterprise the appeal to supply business is enough and puny, have the control that can stop to disable temporarily to its.

Evaluation supply business wants those who pay attention to supply business to develop latent capacity

Existing ability evaluation is the prime essential factor that evaluates supply business, means of organization of the quality control ability that is like process of ability of state of quality system attestation, research and development, design, consumption ability, consumption, content shedding and the quality of production process control ability, capital control ability, existing market, right of existing market.

But, want to choose to breed an object aptly, having ability to stop to evaluate to its only is insufficient, return demand to begin latent capacity to stop to evaluate to its, and begin latent capacity deserve to become the key that breeds an object certainly to ponder element, when existing ability and the time that begin latent capacity cannot hold concurrently, preferential thinking begins the supply trade with good potential.

Normally the state falls, those who evaluate supply business begin latent capacity to should include the following field:

(1) the highest policymaker of supply business is foresighted “ businessman ” , still have the “ entrepreneur ” of ages ago look.

(2) of supply business develop way whether with the enterprise develop demand bearing difference, have plan without clear strategy, have the detailed act program that plans without the strategy that finish and act account.

(3) the quality purpose of supply business whether clear, have the act program that does not have purpose of the quality that finish and act account.

(4) supply business whether have plan of quality system promotion, existing quality system whether true lose is carried out carry out.

(5) the quality that supply business has stuff whether the requirement that satisfies its enterprise to begin, have in notting have temporarily manpower resource begins program.

(6) the administrative artifice with supply existing business whether the begin requirement that satisfies its industry, have without improvement plan.

(7) the social credit of supply business how, business of its correlation supply has to its without determination.

(8) supply business the bedrock sex task of business management whether solid, have without improvement plan.

Administrative supply business wants “ Enweibingji”Management and assistance lay particular stress on

The commonly used way that supply business runs is: Stop to monitor to the outstanding achievement offerring money of supply business, stop level assess to supply business according to monitoring consequence, apply manage by different levels, award actor punishs bad, right unqualified stop to arrange; Current stops reappraisal to supply business, promote measure according to evaluating consequence to adjust, eliminate unqualified supply business.

This is one kind controls measure beforehand, the iteration of same to avoiding mistake shows existing and certain hand, but the fit about preventing a mistake and the ability action that promote supply trade are not certain and trenchant.

Well-known, assisting supply business to promote design process and the quality of production process to assure ability is to ensure the best way of supplied materials quality. The plan management the enterprise is outspread the consumption to supply business and content inpour Cheng are the optimal method that assures seasonable delivery, assisting supply business to promote capital control just can be drop the invalid wrist that promotes price. So, supply business manages must “ Enweibingji ” , want to stop assessment and rewards and punishment to supply business already, also want to give supply business necessary hand:

1) the quality that helps supply business promotion is designed and make a progress assures ability

The quality of component puts in probe into 's charge is unexpectedly design and make those who come out, so, the enterprise should use up the crucial segment that can help supply business is designed to its and consume a process to stop to control, if be communicated automatically with supply business, make supply business accurate master the requirement of the enterprise; Stop to monitor and give directions to the APQP of supply business and PPAP process, give the technology of supply business demand support; The quality achievement of as collective as supply business improved component; The quality that perfects its to promote process, production process jointly with supply business controls artifice and way; The label management in assisting supply business to perfect content inpour Cheng and reject (especially concede is admitted with do poorly done work over again) control.

2) assist supply business to promote capital to control ability

Efficiency of raw material price, stocks, consumption, percent of pass, consumption expends the main essential factor that etc is influence component capital. So, besides assistance quality of supply business promotion controls ability outside, the enterprise should give supply automatically support in other respect, if stop to promote resource to share with supply business, assist supply business to develop cheaper promote channel; Give supply business to all can consume cycle amply, sales all can fluctuate; Improve its to content flows and make a progress jointly with supply business, increase to rest effectively, lengthen consumptive cycle; Discuss the method that improves inventory management jointly with supply business, assist supply business to reduce its the raw material, stocks in goods, finished product; Assist supply business to improve its to consume craft, increase those who consume material of the motivation in the process, complementary makings, bad news to expend etc.

3) assist supply business to perfect program management artifice

Supply business whether the order that admits an enterprise accurately and whether order task obligation of the branch is right related accurately translate into the seasonable sex of consign has very big effect. So, the deserve of program management artifice of the program management artifice of supply business and enterprise has compatibility.

If the enterprise is to pass Internet to give supply business make known to lower levels order, our enterprise urgent, assistance furnishs business is established, perfect and corresponding program management artifice, ensure supply business can admit the order of industry make known to lower levels automatically. OK and automatic order translate into the task of departmental door is compulsory, and assure to promote a branch to be able to carry out a state to the order of supply business even (if stock promotes plan, spending plan, pay plan) stop instant monitoring.

4) help market of supply business start, maintain its to fluctuate

Present consumptive obligation to lack when supply business, consumptive ability and staff appear superfluous, have can bring about when the serious condition such as prediction of a person's luck in a given year of profit, talent, the enterprise should be used up can help market of supply business start, in order to maintain the company wave motion of supply business, make sure component furnishs thereby continuity sex and fluctuation.

5) offer employee to groom for supply business support

Assist supply business to progress the craft of its employee and accomplishment, and the employee understanding company that allows supply trade, self-identity enterprise, adoring yearning enterprise, of the work for that finishs the product that continues to obtain money of high quality, low, seasonable delivery and exceed hope for to the enterprise promoting a goal have hand very much. So, the enterprise should offer employee automatically to groom for supply business support, if the technology grooms, management grooms, company culture conduct propaganda.

Brief summary

Anyhow, supply business government raises chicken to give birth to egg ” like “ , want to get an egg more, often get an egg, want to raise chicken above all. So, need enterprise sincerity to be kind to supply business only, foster supply business actively, the product that continues to obtain money of high quality, low, seasonable delivery often and the work for that exceed hopes for, can become ideal.