Today, domestic screw air compressors are already an integral part of the air compressor and aerodynamic industries. Then, what are the specific manifestations of the localization and localization of the screw air compressor and the level of localization? Specifically, there are the following eight performances:

First, the screw air compressor main screw air compressor main engine is the core component, has achieved localization, and formed a scale production. The design level and processing technology of the mainframe are becoming more and more mature.

Second, special valves for screws and air compressors and accessories for screw air compressors have been fully localized, including intake control valves. , temperature control valve, minimum pressure valve, air filter, oil separation filter, pipeline accessories, special controller, cooler, special motor and screw machine oil.

III. Product Standards and Test Standards Countries and industries already have screw machine product standards. The test standard is consistent with the international standard (GB/T3853 is equivalent to ISO1217), and the energy efficiency standard GB19153— 2009, puts forward higher requirements for the compressor industry, and has guiding significance for the competition direction of the screw air compressor industry.

IV. The system level and control technology of the horizontal system of the unit system are consistent with the foreign level, and the screw air compressor products designed and produced in China are considered more. China's environmental factors are more responsive to China's climatic conditions.

V. The market performance of screw air compressor products meet or exceed the national and industrial standards, product service screw The service level of air compressor products has been improved.

VI. Users recognize that Chinese users have psychologically treated domestic screw air compressors with imported screw air compressors.

VII. Market share Most of the screw air compressors sold in the Chinese market are produced by Chinese companies (including foreign capital, joint ventures or private enterprises).

VIII. Talent Advantage After nearly 10 years of talent training, all enterprises have already possessed professional technicians of screw air compressors.

In addition, the rapid localization of screw air compressor has changed the industrial structure of the air compressor industry. Most of the general-purpose piston air compressors used before the popularization of screw air compressors are now replaced by screw air compressors due to their poor reliability, and most of the enterprises that produce general-purpose piston air compressors. Or discontinued or converted.

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