Reviewing the development of China's screw air compressor industry in the past year, from the perspective of total production and total sales, compared with the same period in the past few years, expanding production scale and high sales volume It shows that the industry has experienced a golden period of development.
Now, the state's regulation of energy conservation and emission reduction is increasing. Many companies are paying more and more attention to the energy-saving performance of products. Frequency-converter air compressor is the company's product. Manufacturing provides power, and its operation speed is achieved by the frequency conversion components equipped. It can generate gas according to the customer's specific gas consumption, reducing the resources used by the machine during work.
With the development of modern society, the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation has gradually penetrated the hearts of the people, so industrial development, life production, etc. are all striving to develop in an efficient and low-cost direction. Frequency conversion is to achieve automatic adjustment of the motor speed rate by changing the power supply frequency to ensure efficient operation of the machine and reduce losses. The variable frequency air compressor is to apply advanced frequency conversion technology to the air compressor, so as to achieve full performance of the air compressor and reduce unnecessary losses.

So inverter air compressor not only ensures that the customer's gas consumption is more stable, the production process becomes more stable, the product's technological level is improved, and the energy consumed is saved. It should be said that energy efficiency is still very high.
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