Air compressor products can achieve level 1 energy efficiency is the embodiment of the manufacturer's product level. Most products reach level 1 energy efficiency. The fusion of the manufacturer's technical level and management level is just right.
Manufacturer's air compressor products are level 3 and will face severe survival problems: First, the level 3 manufacturers, product technology and management are not up to the current average, of course, air compressor The efficiency of energy saving is also not up to the medium level, which will inevitably lead to the waste of so-called resources, the increase of consumables, and the increase in cost. This is completely unsatisfactory for the demand of the current industry. Therefore, if this low-cost air compressor manufacturer does not seek new technology for reform, it will definitely go to a weak market. Air compressor energy efficiency reaches the second level. It can only be said that it is at the current medium level. For manufacturers with energy efficiency up to the second level, there can be security stability in the market, but the times are progressing, and the technological improvement of machinery is changing with each passing day. Can't say that there is security stability now, you can stay in place, continue to spend such a smooth way according to the original method. This is very undesirable, your stop is to retreat, when other people's technology can reach the level of super level, you still stand in the original place to see the current market, always have their own secondary energy efficiency Confidence, when people buy a level 1 energy efficiency, your secondary energy efficiency air compressor will accept the fate of elimination, just like the current three-level energy efficiency air compressor, so now standing in the second Energy-efficient manufacturers, your second-class energy efficiency is up, I believe that you are strong, then take the strength of your second-class promotion to continue to enhance your technology, and contribute to this market energy saving. It is really not easy to achieve a first-class energy-efficient screw air compressor, whether it is cost or technology. Due to the lack of understanding of the low pressure screw air compressor flow rate limitation by some manufacturers, the low flow rate of the low pressure screw air compressor is limited due to the cost of the company, which limits the improvement of energy efficiency. Some manufacturers are more appropriate. Properly configuring the lower flow rate of the oil and gas pipe and the exhaust pipe to improve the energy efficiency of the product, it is beneficial to try to reduce the suction resistance and reduce the injection temperature. The reliability of the screw air compressor is higher than that of the piston air compressor, and the high-level screw air compressor has the advantage of high energy efficiency. The high-pressure low-pressure screw air compressor replaces the low-pressure piston air pressure to maximize the user's benefit. Speed ​​up this replacement. In the market, the energy saving effect of screw air compressor determines the size of the company's living space, which is one of the reasons. Therefore, the energy-saving type of screw air compressor is still of certain importance in the present. This article is edited by China DSNEAIR compressor Manufactory (