Screw air compressor Features:

High reliability, ultra-low noise, energy saving to achieve higher work The best shortcut to efficiency is to reduce operating costs. The DOWARE series of screw air compressors is a truly energy efficient product. Perfect production management and processing methods and first-class design level make DOWARE series products not only excellent in performance, low in noise, but also excellent in work efficiency.

The design concept of energy-saving air compressors advanced

dozens of North American R&D centers The screw air compressor specialists have carefully designed and accumulated decades of R&D, manufacturing and application experience in compressed air systems to design more energy-efficient and cost-effective products.

Energy saving screw air compressor perfect after-sales service

Energy-saving screw air compressor is easy to operate, easy to maintain and professional after-sales service.

Energy-saving screw air compressor has soft sound and low noise. World-class multi-compressor linkage control: DOWARE computer network monitoring system The computer network control management software specially developed by the company is the air compressor operation control protector. With different settings, it can adapt to the needs of different customers. The system is divided into data acquisition, automatic control, network control, data storage, data query, report generation and system parameter setting.

Variable Frequency Screw Air Compressor Air Pressure Stabilization: Since the variable frequency screw air compressor utilizes the stepless speed regulation characteristics of the frequency converter, through the controller or the inverter The PID regulator can realize rapid adjustment control of the pressure, and can maintain the pressure under a constant state, realizing the constant temperature and constant pressure gas supply. It is not necessary to consider the upper and lower limit pressure differences as with the power frequency screw air compressor.

Soft start avoids the impact of starting large currents on the grid, especially for unstable voltages.

No unloading power loss: The pressure is stabilized at the set pressure ± 0.01MPa by stepless speed regulation, no unloading condition, avoiding unloading Power consumption.

As the screw air compressor reduces the exhaust pressure, the leakage of the pipe is reduced accordingly (the higher the pressure, the more the leak ).
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