Strojmetal aluminium forging from the Czech Republic offers its customers a wide range of advanced solutions in the field of forged aluminium for outstanding solutions for the production of modern automotive suspension components. The company's history dates back to 1822, when it was founded by Josef Ringhoffer, a company focused on the development and production of aluminum suspension components for the automotive industry. Its main customers include automakers such as BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Audi. All of its products are used for export.

Strojmetal Aluminum Forging (SAF sro) uses five air compressors to supply compressed air for the production of aluminum forged safety chassis components. Six automated production lines are produced by 66 units from ABB suppliers. The robot performs processing. The average production and supply per week is approximately 170-200 pieces of various types of suspension components compared to the working week of a single automated workstation. Some are run uninterrupted: some are 7-day duty cycles, and some are 5-day work cycles, depending on customer requirements. In order for the automation process to work properly, high quality compressed air must be supplied in various pressure zones. Especially for systems that lubricate forming tools, permanent high pressure and clean air must be used. All of this is provided by an air compressor. Compressed air at the STROJMETAL aluminum forging plant is the key to any manufacturing plan. From forging to lathe center, to the production of forging tools. Approximately 60 parts and fully automatic forging machines are available to meet the needs of different customers. The demand for compressed air in manufacturing is high. It must be dried and coarsely filtered to prevent blockage of the valve and pneumatic drive. The air compressor is divided into two compressor chambers, wherein the original compressor chamber contains four compressors for two pressurized air networks, and the new compressor chamber connected to the new forging machine contains one compressor, which can be another The machine reserves the compressor. The compressor house and both networks are equipped with three compressors with frequency converters. The air compressor ensures that approximately 60 fully automatic or partially automated robots work effectively. The original compressor room is also equipped with an excellent control system to reduce the pressure cascade and save power. All pressurized air networks are interconnected to address special conditions in compressed air production. The use of high-level robots for forging operations places higher demands on the quality of compressed air, provided by the pressure dew point of all compressors + 3 & deg; C integrated condensing dryer, quality 0.1 & mu ;m dust and oil filtration, according to ISO8573-1:2010, or 0.1 ppm, meaning 2.4.2. All technologies are designed to ensure even better cooling, resulting in maximum efficiency in both compressor rooms. DSNEair air compressors offer outstanding performance, reliability and maintainability. This also involves reducing the overall cost of purchasing and operations. These compressors are designed to operate in demanding environments and provide efficient operation of the manufacturing process. This involves complex and efficient solutions. When choosing an air compressor, we emphasize providing customers with high reliability and superior technology and services. DSNEair is your wise choice.