1, start/stop function:
Although this is the simplest feature, it is undeniable that it is also the most important feature. If a mechanical device can't be turned on, it can't be realized even if it has a big function. In the same way, the shutdown function is the same.
2, loading/unloading function:
After the screw air compressor is started, the loading/unloading function is used to control the running speed of the device. , exhaust pressure, etc. Thereby providing the user with suitable compressed air. If the loading/unloading function is not perfect, then the air compressor will not work properly, not only will it waste a lot of energy, but the most important thing is that it can not provide compressed gas suitable for users.
3, variable displacement function: When the air compressor detects the actual air consumption of the user, it will make adjustments through this function, so that China Air Compressor The gas production is synchronized with the user's gas consumption, which saves energy.
4. Supercharger function: This function is used by the user to adjust the exhaust pressure to suit your needs.
5, variable speed function: Adjust the running speed of the twin-screw air compressor to achieve the highest production value at the lowest cost. This function is mainly done by a variable speed drive.
6, modulation function: This function can be the main function of double screw air compressor, and even include the above five points. Because it utilizes the entire control system, through the comprehensive analysis of the microcomputer intelligence, it can uniformly modulate all aspects.

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