In recent years, with the global transfer of the compressor manufacturing industry, China has gradually evolved into a global compressor manufacturing base. The continuous growth of demand for compressors and quantities in China's foreign markets has driven China. The rise of the compressor manufacturing industry has gradually reached a higher level of industrial manufacturing. Screw air compressor is an important part of China's compressor market. In recent years, it has been gradually recognized by consumers because of its high efficiency, energy saving, stable performance and many other advantages, resulting in faster development. .

With the continuous advancement of technology, various new technologies, new materials, and new equipment in screw air compressors The continuous application in the mainframe manufacturing has promoted the rapid development of the screw air compressor mainframe manufacturing industry in China. At present, China's screw air compressor mainframe industry is becoming more mature in terms of R&D design level and processing technology level, and is gradually developing towards industrialization, scale and internationalization. In particular, the high-precision CNC rotor processing and milling machines and other advanced production equipment are gradually promoted and applied, making the processing of various types of lines easier to achieve, the development of the host rotor type line has been continuously promoted, and achieved good in the application. Market Reaction. China's screw air compressor mainframe manufacturing technology continues to improve, the domestic screw air compressor mainframe has achieved high precision and gradually recognized by the market, and at the same time, with the localized cost advantage, it has gradually broken the monopoly position of international enterprises in the Chinese market. And gradually compete with international brands in the high-end field.

At present, China’s screw air compressor mainframe manufacturing industry has broken international companies. The monopoly position has gradually formed a market structure in which foreign capital and joint ventures, Taiwan-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises coexist. With the in-depth development of the industry, the domestic screw air compressor mainframe will grow faster and faster by continuously integrating the industry's advantageous resources.

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