2019 not great

Before was different from 2019, overshoot any a year.

2019, the “ that raises high as American president lets the United States again great ” banner, the commerce punish that is aimed at China also is to often raise the price of the commodities, those who let us in the future also circumfuse uncertainty. We can decide 20-30 the China after year will greater, but entered 2019 original when a quarter, made old empty press, in former years whether is those who feel special difficult? Project postpone again and again of the client, charge is pressed press again, and paragraph however tardy hard settle. How should be the predicament of our at present defeated 2019, how broken?

  Industry pain spot is a technology develop way

Allow when to be divided, technical innovation and will be the key that leads an enterprise to walk out of corner first, feeling is the enterprise breaks instantly deadlock, the outlet of predicament.

Of industry of dynamic construction resolution develop way, dynamical application leads the resolution on certain also level the integrated competition advantage of the enterprise. Pneumatics machine regards company cost as electric large family, 2019 also is the key attention with energy-saving government to resembling, how to reduce with n, how to promote than power, how to add the show effect that illness leads, invent bigger economic increase for the client, it is pneumatics machine the direction that from personnel of course of study ceaseless delibrate tries hard.

And all people are faced with instantly more or less two achievement:

1, how to use up can in make the same score the bedrock that adds all project cost to go up, bring to the client the biggest capital and use a dominant position.

2, those “ make the item that abandoned ” , how should assist a client to reform, make a project normal run thereby, arrive or the energy-saving purpose before exceed?

The pain spot of the industry, it is the way that the technology develops. Guangdong shine can science and technology is infinite company technology group, 20 years surmount among the industry outside rely on experience from course of study, combinative pneumatics machine the real pain spot that more than heat reclaims to run with equipment, difficulty, alter definitely these trade difficult problem, through delibrate of old with great concentration, break somewhat eventually, be in often the result with theory and really concrete fact of processing of client of the side in applying, bring the direct economy profit of 415 million above every year nowadays for the client, become the strategic cooperation associate that production enterprise takes the lead in each categories, the difference that obtains social all circles is approbated.

Hold the dream sets sail, let a technology invent value for the client

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims the equipment of assist a ruler in governing a country that serves as pneumatics machine, all evaluation standard wants only, whether bring the profit gains that continues to fluctuate for the client, and the premise that in assistance the client brings the profit gains that continues to fluctuate, investment criterion demand jumps over the later period that is all project low better. This brings about the strange ring that whole industry entered to be cast off hard, whole industry is spelling price, as long as lower without lowest. Because of,the client is in when investment the cause of capital often the capital with first also lower choice, presented a few low to win the bid at first, cannot reach expectant energy-saving goal however, brought bigger pecuniary loss to home remedy thereby. How many of the efficiency resolution value that more than heat reclaims, a few clients are unwary to select cheaper price more than heat answers effects to lead, final losing still is a client, form pair of occasion that be defeated.

Shine can the technical group of science and technology, in how more than heat threw machine of pneumatics of business effect application a few manpower material resources, be dead set on to invent the profit gains that continues to fluctuate for the client through technical innovation, the heat that should promote pneumatics opportunity not merely answers effects to lead, more important is to want a sky to press machine beyond heat to be used where, how to promote application value, stopped to deepen delibrate. It is under this concept, shine can allow of science and technology borrows be in for years of pneumatics machine industry from already all previous, grind called in technology of ” of machine of “ hot water energy-saving pneumatics, use this technology at present, can reclaim not merely the goal that smooth oil and constrictive airy quantity of heat reach pneumatics machine to heat up type to produce water continuously thereby, still can progress the each movement efficiency of pneumatics machine, of outspread pneumatics machine use life, more arrive at the difficult problem that raises capital of movement of enterprise collectivity project, so shine can is science and technology how accomplish?

6 large dominant positions, handle difficulty of industry pain spot

1, report of solid really honest province

Of machine of screw type pneumatics energy-saving once arrived at technical bottleneck, 2 class are constrictive energy-saving once reached a peak, think the energy-saving capacity of 1% should give reentry condition very big cost, the application that more than heat reclaims is pneumatics machine pneumatics machine is energy-saving provided vast space, the application of more than heat is highest and OK the 95% above that reach electric machinery power, shine can machine of the hot water of research and development of science and technology pneumatics can make for nothing press beyond heats up 100% application, cancel original refrigeration completely fragmentary, make pneumatics machine energy-saving reentry pace 5% .

2, does more than heat reclaim not to fluctuate? Promote high grade constrictive air, also can promote fluctuant heat energy

Happened between locomotive process as a result of pneumatics machine a few heat energy, the more than heat of a lot of enterprises pneumatics machine answers expropriation to use hot water at the life, reach energy-saving goal thereby. And ideal situation is: The equipment that more than heat reclaims because the cause such as construction, bring about plant site oil path, circuit alternates or expose directly it is outdoor, added the risk of leakage oily leakage of electricity; The miscellaneous of conduit site plant grows too without chapter, pipeline etc, also brought oily obstruction to slant big, current is dispersed uneven state, brought about directly thereby the quantity of heat that more than heat reclaims is not fluctuant. And shine can technology of machine of the hot water of research and development of place of science and technology pneumatics is free formerly because of cancelling directly the cooling fan of press and condenser, use more than heat intelligent management is fragmentary, smooth oil and constrictive airy quantity of heat reclaim in the meantime, can arrive at product of straight hot formula thereby, not merely the water temperature of water supply is OK essence of life allows to control, and Wen Zeke of water giving water in order to arrive at 75 ℃ above, answer effects to lead the 95% above that reach electric machinery power.

3, collect fees add give “ hot water boiler or air can ” ? Still more firm?

The heat conduction cell that place of machine of hot water energy-saving pneumatics uses all severity according to (hot water) boiler and heat communication implement solder with austenite stainless steel GB/T 24593-2018 consumes the country standard of steel tube, make aircraft of hot water energy-saving pneumatics different to hardness water quality and the applicability that all sorts of nominal hot water temperature change are wider, make the functional dominant position of the following respects: A, with outside buy heat answers debit type photograph to compare, more than heat management is fragmentary temperature of task of wave motion of all the more is offerred in can be pneumatics machine to reach process yield water in the task (losing 1 ℃ constant temperature) , prevent temperature of pneumatics aircraft nose to shake, assure pneumatics opportunity thereby each are sealed reach rotational component to use life duely, invalid and outspread use life fragmentarily. The B, water lukewarm temperature that made sure straight hot formula produces water reachs an effects to lead. C, let machine of hot water energy-saving pneumatics replace boiler of “ hot water or air directly in consumptive season can the function of ” . D, use the new-style construction that list a canal, the pressure loss that compares traditional condenser is smaller, life is longer.

4, compositive level is high. Catchment box, water pump, cooling, intelligence is controlled at an organic whole, add a space 50% above, increase occupy accumulate in sky 40% , multinomial creation is patent, fragmentary and compositive level is high, let more than heat reclaim more complete.

5, movement is fluctuant, firm sex is tall, apply life to grow. Technology of machine of hot water energy-saving pneumatics but constant oily Wen Zheng loses 1 ℃ , make pneumatics machine is in a kind of fluctuant movement configuration temporarily, pneumatics engine oil and all spare parts is outspread use life.

6, management of more than hot intelligence is fragmentary. Alter the onefold and cooling use that pneumatics machine increases condenser by original cooling fan, add catchment- - recuperation of PID of discharge of gas heat exchange, filling water assures shade of heat exchange, water to drop in temperature, 3 kinds of heat energy govern function, new heat communication way can be invalid reduce power comsumption of cooling and fragmentary report, 50% what the electric power comsumption of configuration designs for the tradition. In the meantime, technique of PID temperature management can assure pneumatics machine not to suffer environmental temperature to affect constant temperature to run in any season.

Sizable economic profit and social benefit

Use technology of machine of hot water energy-saving pneumatics, shine can bring sizable economic profit and social benefit for the client, for example:

Ratio inferior enlighten group, save natural gas fare only about 50 million / year, increase carbon to discharge 23750 tons / year;

Group of ability of Fuji Kang Ke, economic charge of electricity is made an appointment with 17.8 million / year, increase carbon to discharge 6348 tons / year;

Day abundant group, only section report charge is made an appointment with 10 million / year, increase carbon to discharge 3100 tons / year;

Fu Hua group, save natural gas fare only about 7.08 million / year, increase carbon to discharge 2830 tons / year;

Beautiful group (microwave oven) , economic cost burning gas is made an appointment with 3 million / year, increase carbon to discharge 1260 tons / year;

10 thousand with the group, economic report charge is made an appointment with 2.21 million / year, increase carbon to discharge 755 tons / year;

. . . . . .

More general empty press more than heat reclaims application

Common empty press more than heat reclaims, because more than heat is added,receive not fluctuant, quantity of heat to cannot reclaim completely wait for achievement, common it is will empty press more than heat answers expropriation to use hot water at the life, the way that use heat is relatively single. Shine can ability of machine of hot water energy-saving pneumatics wants, because heat reclaims the effect is tall, can heat up type heat addition continuously, can use pneumatics machine so the consumption that more than heat goes to optimizing a client constructs with the source. Once used the more than heat of pneumatics machine at present, assisted a client to handle: More than heat answers empty press expropriation at warming oneself, clear washing trough of boiler filling water, factory heats, industrial hot water, life uses air conditioning of hot water, place to heat, constant of workshop constant temperature is drying of wet, refrigeration, industry, food drying, silty stoving, all consumptive power that optimized a client is tectonic, brought immediate economic profit and social benefit for the client.