As the running time increases, the impurities in the oil will gradually increase, and the lubricating performance and effect will be greatly lowered. Factors affecting the lubrication performance of China Air Compressor lubricants are as follows:
1: In the operation of the unit, harmful gas leaks due to shaft end seal failure, process system bump or utilization error In the oil, such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other erosive gases, contaminating the lubricating oil, affecting the lubricating properties of the oil. At the same time, these erosive gases cause erosion in the pipeline, valve and installation equipment in the lubrication system, and the formed erosive products also pollute the lubricating oil and reduce the lubricating performance and effect of the oil.
2: During the operation of the unit, steam is plunged into the bearing box, condensed into water, etc., causing water in the oil, causing oil contamination and affecting the lubricating performance of the oil.
3: Set up equipment deployment in the long-term operation, particles and other impurities that occur due to friction and wear enter the oil.
4: Due to the improper screening procedure, the lubricating oil of the screw air compressor enters dust, metal particles or other oil during storage, arrival or operation to contaminate the oil.

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