Air compressors The industry is springing up and growing very fast. In addition to foreign imported brands and domestic brands, there are more and more small-scale independent brands, and the competition within the industry is growing. Inverter air compressor is based on the original air compressor. It is more energy-saving and energy-saving than the traditional air compressor. It is like air conditioner and inverter air conditioner. The machine controls the motor speed through the frequency converter, and generates gas according to the amount of gas demanded by the customer, so as to avoid the consumption of unnecessary electric energy, thereby saving energy. Although the screw air compressors of various manufacturers adopt different energy-saving operation modes, the inverter screw air compressor inverter adjusts the motor speed in real time according to the actual gas consumption. When the gas consumption is low, the air compressor can automatically sleep. This will greatly reduce the loss of energy. 1. Low noise The variable frequency air compressor runs smoothly and slowly. It has neither the frequent loading and unloading sound of the ordinary screw machine, nor the sudden start sound of the piston machine, and avoids the high-speed high-load sound of the ordinary screw machine. 2. Long life, low cost Long-term full-speed or high-speed operation is unfavorable to any equipment. The same is true for air compressors. Previously, customers used “&mquo;— —prepared” one for backup and the other for Switching between turns to avoid long-term high-speed operation of a single unit is unfavorable to the unit; and variable-frequency screw air compressor slow and smooth operation reduces the wear of the unit and prolongs the service life. It extends its maintenance cycle and naturally saves operating costs. 3. It is of great help to self-generating users. Users who have used ordinary air compressors have a good experience in self-generation: the starting current of the air compressor is quite large (3 times for ordinary screw machines and 7 times for piston machines). When the machine is frequently started or unloaded, it will cause black smoke or even sudden death, and it will affect the normal operation of other equipment. This is a very common phenomenon. After switching to the inverter air compressor, it starts almost at zero load and Long-term slow and smooth operation, let users from the heart of satisfaction. 4, the real cheap to pay to the power supply is also money! When the electricity bill saved in three years can be returned to the investment cost of the inverter air compressor, this is really cheap.
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