The previous article has been talking about our main products. Today, China Air Compressor is a small series to talk to you about the principle of the piston air compressor. The piston air compressor is used to compress and appreciate the gas. Pneumatic control and pneumatic control are increasingly used in economic activities, making piston air compressors an indispensable device in many sectors.
It is inevitable that a malfunction will occur during operation. The routine maintenance is to solve the fault in the initial stage, so as to avoid causing large mechanical accidents. At present, the common air compressors are screw air compressor and piston air compressor. Screw air compressor is rapidly emerging with stable operation and low noise. It belongs to the new type of screw machine. It is cheaper than the piston machine, has good repairability, is available for selectivity, and is still being widely used. Therefore, the unique maintenance and troubleshooting of the Pistons has become a common problem.
Piston machines are generally driven by electric motors. The crankshaft of the air compressor is rotated, and then the piston is driven to reciprocate linearly in the cylinder through the connecting rod. The volume in the cylinder is periodically changed. The piston cooperates with the cylinder head and the exhaust valve. Continuously inhale, compress and discharge air.

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