Constrictive air from constrictive machine eduction hind, demand recommends to use a room through gas tank and conduit. If recommend in constrictive air,the conduit in road is divulged, the specific power consumption of press of meeting form voidance increases, bring about meaningless waste.

One group divulges data soul-stirring: In often managing a network oldly, divulge a quantity to occupy the 10%~30% that offers tolerance normally, and the plant that runs not to be pooh-poohed can be as high as 50% even. Cannot underestimate divulge loss, corrode alveolus to be with the conduit of 1mm diameter exemple, below 0.7MPa task pressure, one year the charge of electricity of waste is 4000 yuan about.

  How does differentiate have with tracheal path divulge?

You can hear “ its ”

Had taken your fragmentary time when you, a few flat meeting is heard. The time that spend a dot and often go those who check you is fragmentary, in order to ensure a few divulge won't spend money your money.

Your experience blazing pressure loss

Did your fragmentary pressure drop? Is your constrictive function denied to it before does provides pressure flow compatibly not difference? That can be divulge. Again, the combination that this can be many lesser divulge is in together, they are OK overlay.

  Your conduit is fragmentary at most 5 years of above

Conduit of 5 years of above is fragmentary if maintain without current, lead about can conduit is divulged, if your conduit became old, ponder promotion to arrive please new easily the nurture heart conduit of device is fragmentary.

How to have blind faith in a program to design pipeline?

Recommend the reasonable design with fragmentary pipeline

Constrictive air recommends the reasonable design with fragmentary pipeline can be reduced greatly recommend the obstruction loss of cop.

Air the demand that constrictive machine enrages to arrive at follow-up craft to use, often air constrictive machine 0.1-0.2MPa of outlet pressure progress, and air is constrictive every add machine exhaust pressure 0.1MPa, its specific power consumption will add 3%-10% . Consequently, fall high pressure shrinks air recommends the obstruction loss of cop is very crucial.

Recommend the less important and energy-saving measure with fragmentary pipeline: It is the basis recommends choice of value of the experience inside cop is logical, conduit caliber of economy, prevent large requirements waste, from tell actually small-bore form conduit block muscularity, energy loss is big, 2 it is air constrictive machine and muscularity of block of conduit of the area that use gas, reduce a canal net pressing falls; 3 it is to increase cop bend amount, introduce the valve that high pressure falls, the pipeline that use gas is to use annular design to wait to be able to reduce a canal net pressing falls, increase energy loss.

  Recommend of pipeline and bend optimize

Constrictive air is using the leakage of electricity of air equipment, valve, connect, flange in the factory, whorl joins the 10%-30% that waits for the divulge quantity of place to occupy air feed to measure normally, divulge a quantity to form energy loss directly.

Recommend the less important measure of the shot-off of loss of cop: It is all can increase relevant solder amount, valve amount, flange, whorl joins amount, increase the amount of dew point of easy let out; 2 it is to use the professional device that monitor, the technology recommends to constrictive gas cop, equipment stops to divulge a dot to monitor, prevent constrictive air to recommend to run fragmentarily, risk, leakage.

  Technology of partial pressure boost

Be in whole with gas fragmentary in, often put in air feed of maximum pressure of most equipment demand, unusual practice is ascensive air pressure of constrictive machine air feed, such meeting form voidance enrage the bear of constrictive aircrew to add, specific power consumption increases, in the meantime, progress is whole pressure tubal a network, can make of pipeline divulge a quantity to add. Solve force of partial requirement maximum pressure for manage constrictive airy demand, can use the means of partial pressure boost.

Nurture heart complete function is constrictive machine conduit

Nurture heart is offerred for the user one-stop constrictive empty season can handle program, nurture heart is offerring material of high grade energy-saving empty press, gas tank, filter, cold dry machine, blot machine, canal to recommend for the user equipment.

No matter the user is to add pneumatics computer room newly, old still empty press changes transform, nurture heart is you to be decorated from optional location of computer room of test of old model specific power consumption, pneumatics, pipeline, type configuration, hind deal with equipment combination, by body of negotiation of equipment of professional and constrictive aircraft program of power of custom-built empty pneumatic, unit of the group after making work by professional device, debug.

Constrictive machine conduit has nurture heart complete function the following characteristic:

Pressure reduce

The character of data of conduit of profit from aluminium alloy reachs outstanding craft, lubricant wall, coefficient of friction is small, reduced air activity resistance, make be in charge of a net to be pressed fragmentarily fall decrease lowest.


Tubal prop has aluminium alloy to be fought outstandingly corrode ability, enrage conduit for constrictive sky fragmentary offer the outstanding air with consistent all the time quality with the equipment that use gas.

Light quantify

Weight is light, but strong and durable, of device convenient the gender was reduced greatly rest intensity and construction capital.

Easy identify

Before leaving factory, nurture heart conduit stopped the spray of exterior face to deal with, secondary has blue, yellow, gray, the industry that agrees with country of ministry of global overall situation is constrictive empty color standard.

The process is used in constrictive airy in, must pay attention to the result that constrictive air discloses, its regard consumptive power as source of the 2nd great power, conduit divulges you to not allow to disregard certainly.