Today's China Air Compressor is a small series to discuss with you the solution to the problem of air compressors making abnormal noise.

When assembling the connecting rod screw first, it should be loosely tight; or make the connecting rod nut rotate tightly to match the contact surface on the connecting rod body, if necessary, check with the coloring method; fix the big head tile, adjust Its gap; or increase the amount of oil. Check piston wear; or replace the damaged part with the required connecting rod screws. Next is to tighten, and check and adjust the gap; check the oil circuit, increase the amount of oil, replace the cross pin, tighten the slide, adjust the gap.

Why does the cylinder make an abnormal sound? In fact, there are many reasons for this, such as oil and water brought into the cylinder to cause water hammer. The valve is faulty. Or the piston nut is loose and the piston is loose. Too little oil or oil is broken, causing the cylinder to pull. The piston ring broke. The cylinder clearance is too small. The foreign matter falls into the cylinder and so on, etc., which will cause the cylinder of the screw air compressor to make an abnormal sound.

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