DSNEAIR Compressor's orders for high-power screw air compressors above 200kw, two-stage compression screw air compressors, and diesel mobile screw air compressors continue to grow. In the past, the third quarter of the year was the off-season, but this year, DSNEAIR Group's sales of high-power screw air compressors and two-stage compression screw air compressors showed a gratifying trend of both production and sales.

Traditionally, DSNEAIR's main customer base is small and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises. Millions of orders are rare, and hundreds of thousands of orders are not too many. Recently, the sales department has clearly felt the change of the customer base. The large-scale mines and large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises are gradually increasing, and the industry leading enterprise customer base has gradually formed. The head of the marketing department said: “Now, many high-quality, high-end customers have begun to turn their attention to DSNEAIR, which were formerly customers of multinational companies. ”

The head of the marketing department also introduced that the first large-scale enterprises that started to purchase DSNEAIRscrew air compressor products are trying The mentality of buying one or two trials, and after the actual use, DSNEAIR's energy-saving technology to convince them, the first choice for re-ordering is DSNEAIR products. In addition, under the pressure of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, many companies are facing greater pressures on energy conservation and emission reduction, and DSNEAIR products and multinational companies that are dominant in the “Energy Conservation Products Catalogue” announced by the country this year are The comparison of the main technical indicators such as energy saving effect and reliability shows great advantages. With the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction, DSNEAIR's market has been expanded.

As the macro economy is in a cyclical downturn, air compressor products are used as investment products, and demand has been significantly affected. The sales performance of the company has dropped significantly. In the case of DSNEAIR's traditional piston compressor sales also showed a significant decline, the increase in sales of screw air compressor products made up for the vacancy caused by the decline in sales of traditional piston air compressors. DSNEAIR's sales grew steadily and continued to expand its market share. DSNEAIR's research and development capabilities have gradually shown strong strength in the market competition, which will accumulate positive energy for the continuous growth of compressor companies.
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