Recently, our company's technical staff often reacted with me. Spiral air compressor often fails to start. Xiaobian found a lot of information on the Internet, summed up the points, and share it with everyone:
First, check if the fuse is burnt out. Second, the relay that protects the machine loses its effect. Third, the start button is not well connected, this problem is not very common, because the current screw air compressor, unless it is really cheap to buy a very low price machine, otherwise it will not appear like this The problem is solved even if it appears. Fourth, the supply voltage of the screw air compressor is too low, and the voltage is too low, so that the air compressor current is too large to start. Fifth, the machine motor has a problem, which is more complicated. The general technical strength of the air compressor manufacturers have a lower probability of such problems. Don't worry if you encounter problems. See if it is caused by the above reasons.
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