The cold winter has arrived, which is also a major test for the air compressor. So how do we do the protection work? (1) The temperature difference between day and night in winter is relatively large, and condensed water needs to be discharged. If it is not discharged in time, it is likely that the exhaust pipe of the air compressor will be frozen at night. Therefore, we recommend that users should pay attention to venting all gas, sewage, water, and venting water, gas and oil in various pipelines and air bags after the winter shutdown. Because of the high temperature during the winter unit operation, The outside temperature is low, a large amount of condensed water will be generated after the air is cooled, and there are various control pipes, intercoolers and air bags, which may easily cause the control pipeline, the intercooler to block, the air bag to rise and so on, so it must be Discharge condensate in a timely manner. (2) The temperature difference between day and night in winter is very large, which leads to the screw of the screw air compressor, and the bearing and other parts are very prone to loosening. Therefore, the user must also have a planned, step-by-step check for looseness of the device. (3) In addition, the cold weather will affect the service life of the lubricant, so it is recommended that the user shorten the replacement cycle appropriately. (4) Pay attention to keep the environment clean and tidy, especially pay attention to the lack of water on the ground around the air compressor to prevent the ice from slipping and causing the operator to fall. Only by mastering the above four steps, air compressor will not be afraid of winter!
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