Can you remember the roadshow caravan of an internationally renowned mechanical brand "Zhilian Assembly" last year?

A full of wisdom, both internal and external, and galloping on the European continent, bringing a scene to the future of the "Zhilian assembly" depth experience. You may sigh: Europe is too far away, it's hard to see the caravan really … … missed the show, or still feels unfinished …… no problem! "Zhilian Assembly" customer experience day, may come to you soon! Since 2016, the “Zhilian Assembly” customer experience day for the general industrial field has passed through Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen, Xi'an, Beijing, Changzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities to customers. By the way, there are many puzzles on the road to modernization, and in today's “Industry 4.0”, “Industrial Internet” and many other concepts, the development of advanced technologies and the emergence of advanced technologies, today, with real results, there are examples to follow. "Zhilian Assembly" products and solutions speak to show a sagacious future. With the continuous exploration of ergonomics, automated assembly and data-driven services, the "Zhilian Assembly" technology exchange series activities are constantly upgrading —— innovation upgrade, experience upgrade, the lively atmosphere of the scene, now Come and feel: the key link to the road of intelligent manufacturing, experts sifting and smashing, for your layer analysis, and through the "Intelligence Assembly", all transformed into a realistic reality. Assembling information digitization Collecting torque, angle and other information through assembly tools and supporting software, and generating analysis curves Assembly system networking Tools and controllers from the production line , to the entire plant MES system, to achieve data interconnection between the various levels Intelligent assembly process Through intelligent control of the tightening process, identification of position and sequence of operations, tracking of tightening equipment and visualization software, complete Controllable assembly process Intelligent error-proof Intelligent workstation managed by fully integrated local control system, on the one hand, realizes process error prevention, finds errors from the source, greatly reduces costs, and on the other hand realizes data traceability, let all The problem is well documented, driving continuous process improvement Quality Assurance Complete quality assurance solutions including torque detection tools, software solutions, professional calibration and training services, from human-machine method (5M1E) Start with each link to escort quality Flexible production Tool unified platform, “One-to-many” function implementation, patented advanced tightening strategy, intelligent IAM module, standardized operation flow and product-free one-button switching implementation, from cost reduction, efficiency, high quality Perspective, Advance Flexible Production Data Driven Services Tools are integrated into an intelligent service platform to provide true predictive and preventive services through data collection software and big data analytics Environment And eco-design When designing a product or solution, consider its entire lifecycle to reduce the environmental impact of each relevant phase. The main modules of the newly developed products are all recyclable. The "Zhilian Assembly" Customer Experience Day will continue in China, with unrelenting heat and sincerity upgrade! Light up the road to smart manufacturing for you!