As a screw air compressor sales person, customers often ask this question: How long does it take me to fill the gas tank? In order to illustrate this problem, the following is an example, which also involves the problem of air compressor selection:

If the user has 3 air pumps, each air point is 0.8³ the pressure is 0.8pa. Now that there is a gas storage tank with a height of 2m and a diameter of 800mm, how to configure the air compressor, how long does it take for the air compressor to fill the 1 cubic gas tank? There are two problems involved here:

First, how many screw air compressors are selected?

The customer's actual gas demand is 0.8³×3=2.4³, considering the loss of pipeline and air compressor post-processing equipment, etc., reserve about 10%, you need to configure 2.4 ³×(1+10%)=2.64³ screw air compressor, corresponding to DSNEair air compressor sample, you need to select 18.5KW screw air compressor, the displacement is 2.9³

SRC-25SAAir Compressor Parameters
pressure mpadrainage m³/min

Of course, Ensure sufficient gas demand and later expansion, add one more air pump, choose 22KW screw air compressor can also be, but generally we do not recommend this treatment, because the difference between the exhaust volume and gas demand will cause the air compressor to load frequently Uninstall.

SRC- 30SAAir compressor parameters
Pressure mpaDrainage m³/min

Of course, there is another problem involved here: the consumption of electricity bills. How much does a 22KW screw air compressor consume more electricity than a 18.5KW screw air compressor? With a working time of 300 days a year, 8 hours a day, 1 yuan per kilowatt hour, the annual cost is 300× 8× (22-18.5)× 1=8400 yuan, so it is necessary to consider whether to add a gas pump or choose Which one is more economical than the air compressor with lower power?

How long does it take to fill the gas tank?

First step: first calculate the tank capacity = & pi; (radius) & sup2; & times; high = 3.14 & times; (0.4) & sup2; & times; 2 = 1.0048 & sup3;

Step 2: Calculate the inflation time = tank capacity & times; (rated pressure + 1 atmosphere) / air compressor displacement = 1.048 & sup3; & times; (8 + 1) / 2.9 & asymp; 3.1 points

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