Oil-free screw blowers are more than 35% more energy efficient than Roots blowers. why?

1High thermal efficiency: Internal compression, high thermal efficiency

2 low noise: There is less pressure difference between the head exhaust pressure and the exhaust pipe, and the screw blower with the cover can also maximize Ground noise reduction

3The power balance is good: The machine can work smoothly at high speed, enabling no-base operation.

4Exhaust pressure is higher: can achieve higher exhaust pressure

5Low airflow pulsing

6 Control System Improvement for unattended and remote control.

Oil-free screw blower quality certified: ISO 9001 quality certification applies to all our oil-free screw technology. Our manufacturing quality increases the reliability of production.

Widely used in sewage aeration, gas-water recoil, oxidative desulfurization, fluidization / homogenization process, pneumatic conveying, printing and other industries to achieve the role of drying, dust removal, fermentation, evaporative distillation, pneumatic conveying.  

Maximum energy savings: Oil-free screw technology saves an average of 35% compared to traditional Roots technology, and VSD variable speed drive technology makes it even more energy efficient.
Low noise operation: Our (VSD+) inverter units operate at very low noise levels compared to open Roots blowers.
1. High stability, continuous operation for 24 hours; 2. Based on internal compression, compared with Roots blower, energy saving of the host; 3. High-efficiency frequency conversion energy saving, system optimization and energy saving; 4. Graphic touch screen control, providing remote operation, online and A variety of protection features.
9. Compared with the traditional Roots blower, the energy consumption is greatly reduced after the pressure of ≥0.5BAR; 10. The pressure difference between the exhaust pressure and the exhaust pipe of the machine head is less, and the noise is low; 11. The special treatment of high-strength alloy steel, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the main engine , longer life; 12, control system, 24-hour warning notice, providing remote operation support.
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