For the screw air compressor, a standard air compressor room is very important, but it is more important to pay attention to the daily management in the air compressor room, so that it is always in A good state, which is more conducive to the daily work of the air compressor.

1. First of all, always keep the air compressor room clean and tidy. As long as such an environment, the amount of dust in the air will be less, and the quality will increase. And we know that the quality of the intake air is directly related to the quality of the compressed air and the service life of the air compressor. 2, screw air compressor can not be stacked around the debris, especially flammable and explosive materials, replaced waste oil. The purpose of this is to prevent accidents on the one hand and to facilitate the work of the operators on the other hand. 3. The air compressor room must be kept dry and well ventilated, so as to effectively ensure the quality of the compressed air and effectively control the exhaust temperature within a suitable range. 4. In order to ensure the normal operation of daily production, the supply of electric power and cooling water in the screw air compressor room must be stable. It is best to install an automatic voltage regulator. 5, the air compressor room inside the pipeline should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid bumping, damage to the pipeline. 6, the establishment of a strict screw air compressor room access system, prohibiting the entry of people and other people. And you must register for the people entering and leaving.

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