Before discussing the supercharged engine system, review the basic working principle of the internal combustion engine and its relationship with the air boosting system. An internal combustion engine is a gas-consuming machine because the fuel needs to be mixed with air to complete the combustion stroke. Once the air-fuel ratio reaches a certain value, the fuel is added. Except for the black smoke and the unburned fuel, it will not generate more power. The more fuel the engine supplies, the thicker the black smoke. Therefore, after exceeding the air-fuel ratio limit, increasing the fuel supply amount will only result in excessive fuel consumption, atmospheric pollution, elevated exhaust gas temperature, and shortened diesel engine life. This shows how important the ability to increase the amount of air is to the engine. Supercharger An air pump that uses the remaining energy in the engine exhaust to operate. The exhaust gas drives a turbine wheel assembly that is coupled to the compressor wheel and a large amount of compressed air is delivered to the engine's combustion chamber as the supercharger rotor rotates. By increasing the weight of the compressed air, more fuel can be injected into the engine, allowing the engine to generate more power under the same conditions. The turbocharger is an important component used to increase engine power and reduce emissions. It is not a power source itself. It uses the remaining energy after engine exhaust to provide more compressed air to the engine. For optimum performance. DSNEAIR supercharger is installed on the exhaust pipe of the engine, and the exhaust gas removed by the engine cylinder pushes the turbine impeller to rotate. The compressor impeller is further driven to pressurize the air filtered by the air filter and then sent to the cylinder. Because the air entering the cylinder is increased, it is allowed to inject more fuel or make the fuel burn more fully, so that the engine produces more power and reduces emissions and reduces pollution. In addition, the supercharger can also provide power compensation when the engine is working on the plateau. The supercharging technology uses a special compressor to pre-compress the gas before entering the cylinder, increasing the density of the gas entering the cylinder and reducing the volume of the gas. Thus, the mass of the gas is greatly increased per unit volume, so that In the limited cylinder volume, more fuel is injected to burn, so as to improve the engine power. Chinese supercharger works. The turbocharging technology uses a special compressor to put the gas in Pre-compression before entering the cylinder, increase the density of gas entering the cylinder, reduce the volume of the gas, so that the mass of the gas is greatly increased per unit volume, so that more fuel can be injected into the limited cylinder volume. Combustion is carried out to achieve the purpose of improving engine power.
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