Screw air compressorTake the top ten manipulations with oil:

1, air Compressor oil should not be used on oxygen and chlorine compressors to avoid explosion.

2. Before refueling or refueling of the old machine, the lubricating oil pipeline and fuel tank must be cleaned before oiling or oil change. No oil or impurities may remain. Especially such as metal cleaning agents. When refueling, the compressor oil should be loaded into the fuel tank through the third-stage filtration according to the specified oil quantity, and recycled.

3. Strictly control the intake air temperature. When the intake air temperature is high, the exhaust gas temperature will be high, which will accelerate the natural accumulation of carbon. The carbon deposits in the exhaust valve and exhaust pipe should be cleaned regularly.

4. Strictly control the appropriate oil supply, which should be minimized under the conditions of lubrication and cooling. Excessive oil supply will increase the carbon deposit in the cylinder, the sealing of the negative gas valve is not strict, the compression efficiency is reduced, and even the explosion is caused, and the lubricating oil is wasted; if the oil supply is too small, the lubrication and cooling effect is not good, causing the compressor to overheat. Increase mechanical wear.

5. The oil in use should be based on the structural form of the compressor, the compression medium, the operating conditions, the lubrication method and the quality of the lubricating oil. Indicators should be replaced with new oil in time to avoid damage to the equipment.

6.Screw air compressor Do not mix water and other impurities during storage, storage and use. It is an active metal, fuel oil, emulsion, etc., so as not to affect the quality of the oil; it is best to store indoors, and it is strictly prohibited to be exposed to the sun and rain.

7. In places with a lot of dust, the air should be filtered to prevent dust from entering the compressor.

8. Do not mix with other oils.

9. The total loss system oil (mechanical oil) is not suitable for compressor circulation lubrication systems. Under the condition of ensuring lubrication, it is advisable to use oil with a smaller viscosity grade.

10. The main causes of natural carbon deposits: 1) Exhaust temperature is too high. 2) Improper oil selection, such as excessive viscosity and poor quality. 3) The oil supply is too large. 4) The compressed gas is not safe. 5) Impurities and water are mixed in the oil (accelerating the aging of the oil at high temperatures). 6) Pipeline scaling, rust, etc. 7) The load of the air compressor obviously affects the formation of carbon deposits. When the air compressor is operated under the semi-load condition for a long time, it has more natural carbon deposit than the full load operation.

Solar air compressor replacement lubricant

The temperature of the oil is 30 to 60°C, the viscosity will be reduced and it will not be hot, and it will also drain the residual oil of the net unit. So if it is cold oil when changing oil, start up 2&mdash first; 3 minutes. When changing oil, ensure that the unit is pressure-free. First disassemble the oil-filled barrel oil filling nut and prepare the residual oil with a suitable container. Open the oil drain valve under the barrel, and drain the oil from the front of the head to facilitate the discharge of the oil stored in the machine head. After the oil has been completely drained, close the drain valve. Inject new lubricants, and sometimes use the hand to turn the pulley on the head to facilitate the oil to be sucked into the pipe and the machine head. The oil filling amount is injected after the oil level mirror is immersed 2~3cm (This is the empirical value, the actual oil level should be observed when the machine is turned on and loaded). After filling the oil, install the oiling nut and lock it, remove the intake valve, and enter from the machine head. A small amount of lubricating oil is injected into the port, and the amount of oil can be immersed in two-thirds of the rotor, and the intake valve is installed. Clean the surface of each part of the air compressor.

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